Friday Night

I'm currently at Temerloh, Pahang. Feeling good. Eating cadbury while reading Galaxie Mags. Hehe. So yeah. I'm honestly tired of staying in the car. The best part is I get to stuff the earphones in my ears. 

Tues - Head to Kemaman
Wed - Head to KL
Thurs - Head to Temerloh
Fri - Head to Gambang and Kemaman
Sat - HOME

Oh my, what a journey, eh?

Yeah. Park Shin Hye in You've Fallen For Me. She looks so sweet. I've been looking for that blue, plain dress like, forever. Oh my God. I've finally found it at Berjaya Times Square.

 I just love Korean/Chinese/Japanese FASHION. It is so elegant yet so sweet. FYI, I even found a jacket that Yoon Eun Hye wore in Lie To Me. I feel like wanna stay in that mall, forever. Heaven.

p/s: Don't remind me about school, please. Let me enjoy this moment. Heh.


I'm bad at managing time. I'm good at wasting my time during holiday. 

What did I do for the past 2 weeks? Haiyaa. Never mind. But, I gotta complete my homework now because next week, my family will travel to Johor and Malacca, and I don't want to make myself in misery by those untouched homework. But still, I managed to read the novels, 'The Curse' and 'Sutera Dalam Lukisan'. Both novels are really good! Can you believe that I finished reading 'Sutera Dalam Lukisan' in ONE day? Haha. Tonight, I hope he will stop sending those 'Good Night' kind of messages. He should save that for someone special. I am not falling for it, you know. I'm not giving any second chances. Yeah. It is funny how you just magically switch your love and attention to someone else no matter how obsessed you were with your previous lovers.

I've came across this quote in Seventeen Mag, and I realise that I WAS a loser. Heh. Not anymore.

“Winners compare their achievements with their goals, while losers compare their achievements with those of other people” - Nido Qubein

The List

This week is like, the FOURTH week of holiday, I guess?

No No. This week is my SECOND week (after Jamboree, trip and stuff). So, I wanna awake when it's 11am, cry watching Korean drama, lying on the couch staring at TV's screen and hanging out at kitchen when I'm hungry.

Drop it now. Today is already 13 12 11. Nice.

Go flipping through the book's pages. No, not Seventeen Mags.

I gotta confess, I watch too much Korean dramas recently. I am hooked on them. And I always caught myself daydreaming about them. And I know I'm not the only one. *wink*

So, I wanna make a list a brag about how chronic my obsession towards those Korean (and Japanese) dramas. From the Best to the Worst. Get ready, set, scribble!

  1. 49 Days (The BEST! Perfect)
  2. Hana Yori Dango (Japan version for BOF, far far better!)
  3. Secret Garden (Perfect ending)
  4. Heartstrings / You've fallen for me (Sweeeeeet)
  5. Cain And Abel (Revenge. Medic. Whoa)
  6. Bad Guy (Logic. Relevant. Interesting)
  7. Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge (Addictive)
  8. Dream High (Inspiring. Dance. Sing. Raise your voice)
  9. One Litre Of Tears (Tearssss. Make me wanna cry)
  10. City Hunter
  11. My Girl
  12. Lie To Me
  13. Absolute Boyfriend (I love cream puffs!)
  14. Full House
  15. Sungkyunkwan Scandal
  16. You're Beautiful
  17. Boys Over Flowers
  18. My Girlfriend Is Gumiho
  19. Princess Hours
  20. Hana Kimi
  21. Miss Ripley

Another list! Dramas I want to watch:

  1. Love Rain (SNSD Yoona and Jang Geun Suk. 2012)
  2. Beautiful Love
  3. Autumn In My Heart (Rewatch)
  4. Summer Scent (Rewatch)

I'm finally done with the list. Thank you for reading. Yo.

I must say that each drama contains 10/16/20/24 episodes. So, can you imagine how many hours I spent just so I could watch those? You do the math. Imagine if the hours I spent for studying are as long as watching dramas? I must have gotten 9A+ by now. Haha. Kidding.

Jamboree, heaven yeah.

She's Fun to hang out with. Just look at how BIG my smile is. Hehh.

FYI, Jamboree is held only once in 4 years. So, I guess you may consider I am lucky for being able to be a part of this one. To make things wayy 'luckier', Terengganu is chosen as a place for us, Scouts to gather for this year's Jamboree. Hehe. So, almost 6000 scouts are from Terengganu! No surprise, huh? The rest 4000+ are from other states and 14 countries (Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, etc).

The thing is, I'm just not a 'camping' person, lol. But, I held it in for the sake of my friends and priceless experience. Can you imagine, staying there with thousands of people for NINE days? Whoa. Thank God I managed to shower at least once a day. Worst of all, it was raining for almost SIX days. I just can't no longer hear the sounds of the pouring, heavy rain. It reminds me to moments when we were struggling with the rain, dripping water and evil wind inside the tent. It was a battle.

Let's look at the bright side. I obtained awesome experience. I managed to strengthen my friendship with these girls. I met my ex-classmate. I met new friends (not much, but, who cares). I smiled a lot. I laughed like nobody's watching. I became stronger and fearless.

Who's that guy in red t-shirt? Uninvited guy.

Some interesting experiences I'd love to share:

1. We had to change our tent site for FOUR times. It was tiring and humiliating.

2. A panic Mouse entered out tent. Haish.

3. During 'Litar Komando', I fell THREE times. Haiyaa. It was tough, really.

4. Meeting new friend from Johor and she said that she supported Terengganu over Kelantan during the football match. *Grin*

5. Flying fox. This time, I jumped. I still can remember the feeling of falling from high place.

6. Watching some great cultural performances. I laughed. I smiled. I yawned. Hehe.

7. I found out that my sneakers is the same BRAND and SIZE with Nana (my tent-mate). Wait, we also have another pair of same sneakers at our homes. Can you believe it? We were like, separated twins. Except for the fact that she's already has identical twin, Didi.

8. Saying Hi to two Indonesians, Jodi and Sisca. Sisca is 14. And I told her I am 16. Her teacher thought I was 13! Muahahaha.

9. On our final night, which was Friday night. A creepy incident happened. One word, Hysteria. Around 7 to 8 girls became the victims. Haish. Thank God it made me became stronger.

p/s: We (me, Nana and Rushda) made a promise that we'll never join any camping activities again no matter what condition. Hahahaha.

Trouble Maker

I just watched TROUBLE MAKER music vid by HYUN SEUNG and HYUNA.

I still can't believe that among all of the BEAST members, Seungie gets to collaborate with Hyuna as a TROUBLE MAKER.

I am HAPPY for him.

I just can't believe he KISSED her during a performance.

I am extremely flabbergasted. I can't stop thinking about them. Haish.

But I can't resist the fact that they look extremely HOT.

Hello, December., what a surprise, huh?

HyunSeung and Hyuna? As TROUBLE MAKER?

Hot. Hot.

p/s: Hyuna., at first, you were in AJ (Beast) - dancing shoes MV, then in your vid Change with Jun Hyung (Beast) and now with Hyun Seung (Beast) in Trouble Maker. Whoa. I am anticipated for what's next.

What I LOVE about Korea's Fashion *Part 1*

Source : Click!

So, I might seem a bit harsh when I'm speaking to you, the way I walk might seem less and far from girlish, but HEY, I'm in fact a GIRL. I probably love punk music, but I also love killer heels. I probably love to wear BLACK, but my fave is always PINK. Haha. Girls are always girls.

So., I am inspired by Korean fashion. Their style is not that Kawaii like in Japan, but there's something about their style that makes me attracted. You know like, KILLER HEELS, their stylish OUTFITS and all that. Killer heels are not originally from Korea, but, I was introduced to Killer heels from Korea, lol. And to my surprise, I was willing to waste my money for a pair of heels which is not even suitable for a sixteen-year-old girl like me. But hey, SO HYUN (4Minute) is like ONE year older than me and she does perform with killer heels (15cm!) most of the time.

So, these are KILLER HEELS. You don't expect me to put on this, right? Haha. No way.

4Minute with their awesome heels! love it.

Hyuna (4Minute) with her casual style. Gotta love her boots. Source: ALLKPOP.

I bought my heels yesterday (no, not killer heels) and yeah, I put on that heels instantly. I was like, "Oh God, I might sprained my ankle, today," "Why are they looking at me? Do I look like a fool trying to step in with these heels?" "Mom, wait for me! Why am I so SLOW?" "Step by step, girl. Don't fall," and finally......................................

I kept the heels back into the box and put on my ballet flats. Damn it. I couldn't handle the heels. I wasn't used to heels that HIGH. So, I gotta practice because I'm currently used with wedges (which are so COMFY!).

But the heels seem so SOPHISTICATED + ELEGANT.

P/S: I'm wondering, how do ALL the kpop idols DANCE in those KILLER HEELS? I could hardly WALK in it. Practice. Yeah.

Ramadhan Ini..


Mu'az bin Jabal berkata Rasulullah s.a.w. telah mewasiatkan kepada saya mengenai sepuluh perkara...
Dari Muaz, Rasulullah SAW bersabda:

“Puji syukur ke hadrat Allah SWT yang menghendaki agar makhluk-Nya menurut kehendak-Nya, wahai Muaz!”

Jawabku, “Ya, Sayidil Mursalin.”

Sabda Rasulullah SAW, “Sekarang aku akan menceritakan sesuatu kepadamu yang apabila engkau hafalkan (diambil perhatian) olehmu akan berguna tetapi kalau engkau lupakan (tidak dipedulikan) olehmu maka kamu tidak akan mempunyai alasan di hadapan Allah kelak.”

“Hai Muaz, Allah itu menciptakan tujuh malaikat sebelum Dia menciptakan langit dari bumi. Setiap langit ada satu malaikat yang menjaga pintu langit dan tiap-tiap pintu langit dijaga oleh malaikat penjaga pintu menurut ukuran pintu dan keagungannya.”

“Maka malaikat yang memelihara amalan si hamba (malaikat hafazah) akan naik ke langit membawa amal itu ke langit pertama. Penjaga langit pertama akan berkata kepada malaikat Hafazah,

“Saya penjaga tukang mengumpat. Lemparkan kembali amalan itu ke muka pemiliknya kerana saya diperintahkan untuk tidak menerima amalan tukang mengumpat”.

Thanks Cikgu Zuriati for this info.

So, Ramadhan ini, I'll try to lessen this super ugly habit with my girls friends. It's not like I love to bad-mouthing about others, but, I tend to tell the current issues surrounding us to my friends. Yeah, the current issues are technically including GOSSIP and all that.

Somehow, in our conversation, I never include any RUMOUR. So, kejadian FITNAH tidak berlaku di sini. We only speak the TRUTH. But still, tak boleh lari from mengumpat, kann?


So, friends, let's enjoy our silent moment rather than chatting about other peeps.

Ramadhan ini, jomlah kita kejar keredhaanNya. And, kekalkan momentum itu even selepas Ramadhan. Peace.


Sorry for the late update. Yeah, we're the CHAMPION again. We laugh. We cry. We mad. We frustrated. We smile. We tired. We confuse. And yeah, WE WIN.

We competed at UMT. And yeah, 3 days 2 nights. It was pretty great, stayed as family together.

We screamed at the top of our lungs when we were announced as the winner (INSPIRASI category). Bonus, our conductor is the BEST CONDUCTOR, again. For ASPIRASI category, SMKTM 2 win. Hell yeah, BESUT rules! Both of the winners are from BESUT, yo. And our schools are damn near. Haha.

FYI, yes, we performed right in front of SULTAN. Can you believe it? Hahaha. *Proud*

So., let the pics tell you the WHOLE story. (Credit: Kak Salma)


We were hanging out before the performance. Super nervous, you know.



Hehe. These are OURS!

Our BEST conductor was interviewed by a journalist. And I snapped a pic of SULTAN's Luxury car, lol.

So., let's celebrate before going home! Haha.

I must say it was a best moment. Joining this team is a best thing that I ever had. I would never regret this no matter how many lessons I missed because of this. We performed this like, almost seventh times already, right? It was tiring., but it's FUN, I bet. Practice? Oh God, I've had enough. Haha. But, I still miss practicing with you guys, though. Haha. I gotta admit. Finally, I gotta say, THANK YOU, guys for making it happen.


For the Fourth Time

Can you believe it? Today is OUR 4th performance. Yeah. 4th. Heaven yeah, SPEECH CHOIR, it is.

  1. The Speech Choir Competition at LeBest.
  2. Teacher's Day at OUR school (TMCS).
  3. TTC (Kuala Terengganu) in conjunction with SEM.
  4. Today! At our SCHOOL for the TMESA thingy.

I got tired of doing those performance. Know what? When I went to Penang for 2 days, our team were practicing for this performance. And I was informed YESTERDAY that we were going to perform TODAY. Make things worse, I had to find BLACK SKIRT. And yeah, I don't even have that one. So, I borrowed my mom's skirt.

Our performance was pretty great, I guess. I must say that we didn't do our best during our 3rd performance.

So yeah, today is sort of great. The audience (TMESA - Tengku Mahmud Ex-Students) smiled, clapped, recorded our performance, and one of them said 'WELL DONE'. Those are enough to proof that we did really well. *Proud*

Too bad, not all members of our team came to perform today. Aishh. We were stressed out because the absence members have their own parts. Thank God I decided to attend to show that I'm supporting our team.

Haha. On the way home after the performance. Listening to Jojo - Back Words.

BTW, this 21st, I will head to PULAU REDANG. The choosen students (with great achievements), English Language Club members and English Drama Team are the ones who will go there as well. I am presenting English Language Club and too bad, only 3 members can make it. The rest are busy with other important stuff (form 3 and form 5).

Wait. I still remember that PULAU REDANG is the place where Dyan and I dream to travel to. Thank God, I have the chance to make it becomes true. What about you, Dyan? I heard you did last year, but I'm not sure.

p/s: I am getting confused with my feeling. I can't tell you why. But I am.

100. I love dancing. And blame BoA for that.

This is my 100th post, peeps! Woah.

Lots of things happened for the past months. B2ST fan meeting at Sunway Lagoon, and I couldn't attend that one. B2ST came to Malaysia for the 3rd time and I could only stared at them through videos. They will someday come again for the 4th time due to the MTV WORLD'S STAGE. Dammit. Why they LOVE coming to Malaysia? It hurts me because no matter what, I wouldn't be able to attend it. I just want to see HyunSeung right in front of my eyes. He's my 3rd Inspiration to dance., lol. And the whole members of B2ST prove me the REAL talents.

So, if HyunSeung is my 3rd inspiration........who's the 1st one? BoA?


The truth is, my MOM. Yeah, she's kind of dancing too. I still remember when I was little, around 6 or something, she took me to her school (primary school). She asked me to follow her students (girls) dance to TRADITIONAL dancing. The students were practicing and I was trying to follow their moves. Unfortunately, I FAILED. Yes, I FAILED. I'm so stiff to follow the gracefulness of the dancers.

But, now, you see, I'm so INTO dancing. Well, except the TRADITIONAL DANCING. My mom was once teaching her students dancing. In fact, her student was a form5 student at my school last year. So, I think, I got to know little things about dancing it all thanks to my mom.

So, my 2nd inspiration? Hell yeah. BoA it is.

Trust me, if I did not watch her vid 'EAT YOU UP', I wouldn't even care to learn cool dancing moves through YouTube. So, I watched the vid when I was 14 and started to learn the choreography. Yeah, it's only been 2 YEARS and a half since I started dancing. As a matter of fact, I'm too lazy to learn new choreography nowadays. I just too lazy.

If I want to get motivation, I just click on BoA's Vids. She's such an inspiration. Her moves are natural enough to impress me. She's born to DANCE. And to SING as well. The fact that her height is only 160cm makes me feel good about myself.

Few snapshots on her vid, EAT YOU UP:

Does anyone know where I could get BoA's awesome outfits in the EAT YOU UP vid? The 'Skull' sweater is super cool! It'll be perfect if I own this one! Haissh.

Love You Like A Love Song

My new phone?? Ahaha. You wish! No way.

I've got so many reasons why I should buy new phone. Like,
  1. When you call me, I can hear you, but you can't hear me! So, I choose not to answer any calls because of that problem. It's been like since February, you know.
  2. When I try to write message, the lighting of the screen went off! (yeah, slide phone) so, I choose to write messages while looking at somewhere else, and I often made spelling error.
  3. The housing was damn turning ugly. From pink went to white. Aish.
  4. I often threw the phone onto the bed/sofa, so........ you know, la.
  5. I cannot BLUETOOTH anything from or to my friends. Duh.
You see, it would take hundreds to repair those. So, I asked my mom to buy me a new phone. Yeah, I saw that phone in Seventeen Mag (January), so the price goes down, now. I heart SONY ERICSSON no matter what. I love the elegant, futuristic design.

And yeah, my parents grant my wish according to my 'not-so-bad' exam result (No, not straight A's)
. When I got home, I rushed towards my mom's lappy to transfer my music into my new phone. But, wait. I had to install around two software! Oh damn. I hate software. Why SONY loves software damn much? I had problems when I was 12 to install software for my SONY MP3, apparently because I was 12 and clueless little girl.

Btw, I must confess that I have no idea about this phone. What the heck is ANDROID, anyway?

Thank God I managed to install that one last night. But, then, I realized that I'm stuck with KPOP MUSIC, so, I decided to seek more ENGLISH MUSIC. Somehow, I only downloaded few English songs. -.-

Love You Like A Love Song - Selena Gomez
Potential Breakup Song - Aly & Aj
Playing God - Paramore
Determinate - Lemonade mouth
Love Song - Sara Bareilles
Dirty Picture - Taio Cruz ft Ke$ha
Smile - Avril Lavigne

I just have no idea what's going on with music nowadays. I'm easily get bored.

But, hey, I watched vids like KATY PERRY - LAST FRIDAY NIGHT (T.G.I.F.), and I was like whoa. God, I shouldn't watch this one. But, uhm, you know Katy Perry, huh? She's soo....., uhm lemme keep it to myself. She's so nice to ask REBECCA BLACK to be in her vid. Yeah, Rebecca Black who sings FRIDAY. She got lotta haters, but since she appears in Katy's vid, I saw comments like, "Wow, Rebecca Black is hot, but, my sister would kill me if I'm saying this," ..., lol.

p/s: THANK YOU, MOMMY AND DADDY. I can't give you straight A's for now, so, please forgive me. I'll try harder, InsyaAllah. Thanks for granting my wish, this fast. haha. I'll grant your wish as soon as possible. Btw, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY. Dad, you're my hero. I'll find a hubby like you, one day. Hahaha.

ETA Programme

Miss Kelly's Mom and me..,

ETA (English Teaching Assistant), well yeah, my school has ETA from America, Miss Kelley. Yeah, it's great you know when the ETA remembers my name and she pronounces my name like, ONE-KNOW. Cool.

So, this time there's a programme where several girls (more than 10 actually) from form 4 go to a school (SK Padang Landak) to teach the kids about English. Mostly, it's not ALL about English, because the KIDS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN. So, yeah, the 'girls' (I mean, us) have to make English seems FUN. But, it is FUN indeed.

My team got to teach the kids from STANDARD 6. Okay, I was nervous, like seriously. But, it was turned out to be pretty cool.

At first, when we entered their class, they seemed QUIET. We all have to speak English, and the kids seemed hard to understand what we're trying to say. Yeah, the kids weren't that good in English, so that's why we were there, helping them. But, after 30 minutes, they started to become super hyperactive and super friendly. And it was great! It all thanks to a FUN game that Atikah provided.

The kids were totally sweet. They're not even RUDE like kids nowadays. I mean, the juniors. No offense. They approached us when we were eating after the class over and they ate with us as well. At the end of the class, they kissed our hands. And that's soooo polite and sweet. Plus, they even asked our phone numbers! lol. And I still remember one of the girls helped me holding my water bottle because I was struggling with speakers. She just happened to volunteer to help me. I guess that's so nice.

Let's feast your eyes with these cute kids. Well, they're not kids, they're 12. But still, yeah, kids, I assume.

Body Language game. Yeah. That's Tikah, lol.

Can you spot Fina? I bet you can tell she's form 4 just by looking at her, lol.

Still in the game. And I suddenly interfere. haha.

Haha. Peace yo.

She's Intan. Yeah, she's 16. She looks damn cute like 12-year-old girl.

Introducing, Fina! ;)

The song lyrics~ You see~

Oh, kids. Please don't get bored. Haha.

Miss Kelly interfered to help us. We got nothing more to do.

We're DANCING to NOBODY by WONDER GIRL. Can you believe it?

This little boy looks like he's CHINESE. Nah, he's not. Still cute, though.

Innocent kids. Hahah.

This kid stands so close to me just to peek at my laptop, lol. Aish. So, I snap his pic. Done.

Guess I'm the TALLEST one. hoho. *Proud*.., Hey FINA, you look like you're 12. Just saying. haha.

Yeah, LOVE you too. I can't believe I'm saying this.


Hahahaaa. Calm down, kid. You're so hyperactive, today.

Guess what are they wearing on their head? Uhm. Even I don't know. Ask Intan.

Okaay. Last pic. These are ALL the 'TEACHERS' on that day. We're happy for creating great memories.

school. school. school.

Speech Choir. Untouched Homeworks. ETA programme in SK Padang Landak. Mid-year exam results. English Language Club will organize a competition. Star Mag Inc Project. Video for Star Mag Inc Project.

God, I have too many reasons why I should feel nervous when the holiday is almost over. I get 2 DAYS to enjoy this holiday. Dang it. Now, I don't feel like going to school.

Time Machine

So far, nobody can invest any time machine. But, I know one thing. Even though we can't be a TIME TRAVELER, there's technically a medium which is a bit same like a time machine.

MUSIC, it is. Right?

Every song has it's own meaning to us. So am I. I carry music everywhere, so most events that I go through in my life has its own soundtrack.

I laugh with music. I cry with music. My current playlist in my Sony Ericsson phone and my 'old' playlist is in my Sony mp3 (I guess I just love SONY). That mp3.., I could no longer update it because I could not install the software again (to transfer the songs). So yeah, If I wanna hear gOLD songs, I listen thru mp3. I guess that's cool. Yeah, I'm sooo last year, because I do not own any ipod. uhm.

I listen to any kinds of music. Well, let's say, from Adele to Paramore. R&B, Ballad, Pop Punk, Kpop and all that. Can you believe if I'm saying that I love Demi Lovato's music and MUSE as well? So, yeah, I love varieties. AND I LISTEN TO THEM EVERY DAY. YEAP. EVERY DAY.

So, let's start with...

We are broken - PARAMORE
It reminds me to....., well something really personal. I hate to just even to remember, but, when I hear this song, that 'thing' pops in my mind and I cry. T_T

I remember of being under stress at school last year. I just became stressed out because I could not catch up the lesson (huhu, loser). So, I listen to this song and I can't resist those losers tears.

Anis and I went a bit crazy over this song by dancing (with hand gestures) in the bus. Then, I start to remember the whole journey of our trips with all Drama members. It was SWEET. And I still remember how she instantly comes to liking towards one of the boys there. hahahaha.

I guess that's it. Why would I share the entire of my playlist, anyway?

p/s: So, which song makes you laugh and cry?

Say you what.

It's HOLIDAY, babe! It's just simply perfect. After facing tough exam, I get to enjoy this holiday. At first, I was super duper excited, but now, come to think of it, I got no idea much on how am I gonna spend this holiday.

Okay, I lied.

I have too many things to do other than YouTubeing, listening to Music, watching movies and all that.

The thing is, I have to create da Magazine. Remember Mag Inc? Okay. I'm into it. Plus, we're gonna make a VIDEO. So, I'm probably going to stuck under stress, again. I want us to be the best, so I have to fight for it.

I have too much things in my mind. Maybe I should stop thinking.... for awhile.

My parents will head to VIETNAM this holiday. That would leave me, my little bro and sis. We all have to stay at our granny's house. I wonder how am I going to spend my time there. Like, seriously. Without internet. I'm not letting internet to control me, but yeah, it's gonna be pathetic without internet.

p/s: School is school. Perhaps I should stop telling you about school. It might sounds boring.

Happy Teacher's Day

The TEACHER'S DAY CELEBRATION was great yesterday, I mean like, seriously. We had a BBQ (and the whole students of my school had to rush to get those chicken, hot dogs and fish), hanging out under a shady tree, lol, with ALL of the students at school. I mean, WHOLE SCHOOL. So, it was really crowded. But, I enjoyed it. It was different. We never celebrate TEACHER'S DAY like that. Can you imagine, all students spread their mats (tikar) under few trees and hang out, eat, drink, talk, laugh like no one's watching.

I HEART ALL MY TEACHERS. Without them, I wouldn't be able to achieve good result in my previous exams (UPSR and PMR). Thank you. I love you. Please, don't get bored if I keep asking ridiculous questions.

It was cool. Really cool. This pics can tell. Haha.

In the middle of EXAM

I don't wanna talk about my PHYSICS paper. I couldn't tackle those super-duper-hard questions. migh FAIL, but I don't want to FAIL. Please. Please. Please.

4 Ibnu Majah, fighting! Yeah, me, in blue school uniform (no, not that guy, haha)

Bye. Tomorrow, I get ADD MATH to tackle. Uhm. Wish me luck!