Family Day, yeah.

It's been a long time I haven't celeb family day.
Yeah, da last time was when I was like, 11 and now I'm super fifteen.
My daddy and his co-workers organized this family day thingy.
According to my dad, RM20,000++ had been used for this family day.
Whoa. That's a lot, I guess.
So, that Thursday, I stayed at home again, waiting for my family to get home and we were off heading to AGRO RESORT.

1st day

Keep on coloring that pic, kiddo. Nah, you won already. Yeah, my lil' sis got 1st runner up!

Well, if you could recognize, there are my dad, my lil' sis and lil' bro in this pic. Yeah, getting ready for da game!

Okay, da view here is super duper great!

Believe it or not, this is a so-called 'island'. It is surrounded by the lake and we had to cross da red bridge just to step our feet, here!

2nd day (a.k.a. final day)

Enjoying da breakfast! Nah, this place is like 'restoran terapung' because we are surrounded by da lake, again.

Guess this kiddos really adore those fish. I'm serious, those fish are really really 'friendly'. I even get to touch da fish with my bare hands. Whoaa.

Da last game of da day. Ya know what kind of game is this, ain't you? Yeah, only people who are married could be part of this game. Too bad, my daddy and mommy didn't win.

Just so you know, I was forced by my daddy to play a game called 'RAKIT DARAT'. Only 3 teams were there. 2 teams were all consisting of boys and only 1 team were all girls. OMG. I felt like wanna die. Well, there was no way girls would win over boys. And, throughout da game, I felt all over da place for 2 times! God, that was seriously painful. Da 'thing' we used as rakit was really annoying. I had to put that 'long, green thing' between my legs as rakit with my other 3 girls. Can you imagine we had to run with that 'thing'? And then we all fell on da ground on our way. As I thought, we got da 3rd place. I meant, da LAST place. Okay boys, you guys rule!

Next game was BOLA BERACUN. This time, it was kinda fair because each team consisted both boys and girls. And da most irritating thing was that, they used 2 BALLS!! And I was da first one in my team who 'died'. huhu. It was FUN, though. Even though my team lost.

p/s: I really really hope that I could get into da dancing crew, sis, I wanna be one of them. Huhuhu. T_T


Boisterous DNA, that's it. So, our vid had been uploaded in YouTube on Wednesday, the day we recorded the vid at my HAUS (speaking about how excited we were!).

Okay, I wanna reveal ya our complicated situations that we had to go through before uploading da vid on FB. (Waait, FB?? What about Ytube?)

1. We had to record our videos for several times because I made lotta mistakes (I seemed to forget da choreo even though I was da one who choreographed it).

2. Yeah. We're done recording! Wait. Anne's camera! When we transferred our vid into my computer, looked like da format wasn't fit with Window Movie Maker. Oh, God. We could not simply upload it on internet without trimming da vid and PERFECT AUDIO!

3. Anis then decided to seek CONVERTER through internet at her home. I agreed.

4. So, I waited at home. Anis texted me saying that the converters were mostly slow. Then, I decided to edit it through Windows Live Movie Maker (windows 7). And it works! I dun really know how to edit vid through this movie maker, but at least, it really does work.

5. Somehow, I dun understand what was da problem of da movie maker, but, when I tried to save my vid with perfect intro and ending, a problem suddenly occurred. damn. Guess what? I edited da vid again and again till my vid could be saved. Yea, I was doing da same thing. Finally, my vid managed to be saved, but, without our desirable intro and ending. ugh.

6. Now, it's almost 12am, but, I dun care. So, I uploaded da vid into YouTube. Yeay! When it was perfectly 100% uploaded, another problem occurred. My vid was blocked due to copyright problem. Yeah, our AUDIO. Da songs are so damn not our songs. Huhuh. Feel like wanna die. T_T

7. On da next day, I uploaded it on FB. Oh, God, finally~~~~ FB just doing great. haha. Huhu. :) *sigh of relief*

Oyeah. Please watch, here (but, you have to log in first, hey, it's on FB, people!). Yes, click here. hehe. :) ---->> INTRODUCING, BOISTEROUS DNA


It's Demona. Yeah, it's me.

Anne~ Anis.

Me. Looking blurr. Yeah, Anis is trying to find great background wif her camera.

I dunno why I did that. And again, I'm da model for Anis's experiment.

I was supposed to strum this guitar for da intro. But, you know lah. T_T

p/s: More videos coming soon~ Please do keep an eye! Hehe. Thx. :)

I wanna do this, I wanna do that.

Despite how boring the atmosphere at school, I still insisted on going to school today. It's SUNDAY, people! All I did was hanging out in SEM room with my girls and then decided to wander around the school. Seriously, I had got nothing to do, so I was just wasting my time. I thought it's better if I stay at home.

At this very moment, I feel really really irritated. I mean, well, two dance routines that I wanted to dance were officially blacklisted so far. I'm not an easy type who will simply impress by watching the dance routine through youtube. So once I felt like, 'whoaa!' That equally means that I'm really amazed by da incredible dance routine.

The first one is LUCIFER. Okay, by listening to the title, you know it's a lil' bit illumination. Yeah, 'satanist'. Da song is not that great, but da choreography is really damn damn superb, I must say. Too bad, my friends say that the choreography is ACTUALLY sorta satanist, so it's really wrong to dance for it. Well, when I watched the vid again, hell yeah, it's kinda weird. There's somethin' suspicious about da dancing because the dancer kept showing several weird symbol by using their hands. Okay, lucifer, you're so out! T_T

The second dance routine is WHAT IT IS. I watched LOTTA vids in ytube which are the covers of da song of WHAT IT IS. But, the last vid that I watched was terribly caught my eyes. Too bad, when I asked him whether I can use his choreo. He simply says NO. His choreo means a lot to him, so, he won't simply let others use it. Huhu. Feels like wanna cry. Da choreo is super duper great. I'm not even trying to steal his choreo. In fact, I asked for his permission. Alright.

For our 2nd vid, we decide to dance for a medley by our fave KPOP group which are BEAST and TVXQ/DBSK. In fact, I'm so in love with BEAST and it would be great to dance to their hit song. So, no more SHINee. I edited the songs by combining those songs and thx God Anne says OKAY.

For our very 1st vid, I'll try to choreo the dance for WHAT IT IS all by myself tomorrow. I promise that I'll try hard for this. Even thought it won't turn out to be that good, at least, I give a try, right?

Moral of the story, don't stop from doing what you like just because of the little problem. Nothing would stop you if you really have passion into it. I really hope that YOU, yes, YOU, will never BOO us if we're not that good. Plus, we're finally on through YOUTUBE, just add us as friend HERE!

p/s: Our 1st video will be uploaded this week~

One word, PIZZA

Right now, I'm perfectly skipping school and staying alone at my haus. Hell yeah, PMR's over and that's make 'my school' is incredibly over too. Even in this week, I skipped school for 3 days. I rather stay home alone, staring my mom's laptop, breaking into dance, listening to Hyun Seung's voice in BEAST's songs, watch Hyun Seung dance, than being at school without nothing better to do.

But, that's not what I'm trying to tell you about. School is school. And I won't be there. I shoulda update this on last week because this moment occurred previous Thursday. Still remember da Magazine competition that my girls and I participated? Well, we're technically not winning da competition, but we managed to get an award called MERIT AWARDS. I'm really grateful for that because you had no idea how much efforts we had put to complete da magazine.

The Hot Issue, our very first magazine ever! (I chose our mag's name as THE HOT ISSUE is actually because I like 4minute's song called HOT ISSUE, :P)

Flip through da pages~

So, what's with pizza? Okay, we didn't get any medal for that so-called AWARD, instead, we got a Pizza Hut voucher which cost RM200. Whoa, that's kinda a lot for 4 persons. Then, our Madame Lin decided to take us to KB Mall to enjoy our pizza. Cool teacher, huh? So, here we go! (Err, pics are all not edited, so damn sorry)

Yea. Let's go, pizza can't wait.

Fana is 'checking-her-tudung-out' and Aiey is showing off her pizza voucher. LOL.

Looks like that's all I got. Check Aiey's blog if you wanna see da rest of da pics. I managed to buy my Seventeen Mag again this time. FYI, I found BEAST album, SHOCK OF THE NEW ERA. And it is da SPECIAL EDITION because da songs from their 1st mini album (BEAST IS THE B2ST) are included in da SHOCK album. I was like, oh God, 10 songs. I felt like wanna die because da album cost RM89.90. So not worth to buy it because all of their songs are in my phone. In fact, they already come out with 3rd mini album (5 songs again), MASTERMIND. End of this year, they will produce a FULL ALBUM for the first time. That's it, I wanna buy their FULL ALBUM not da MINI ones.

p/s: Fana, Pka, Aiey, let's keep our SECRET to grave. I love you guys to death. Saranghaeyo~


Since PMR was officially over yesterday,,
I wanna reveal da so-called project that TALKING KEYBOARD and I have made.


This is it.
We named ourselves as BOISTEROUS DNA.
We are technically DEMONA (me) and ANNE (her).
So, Boisterous Demona N Anne.
That's it.
We still haven't start anything for this project.
But, so far, we manage to plan for our very first video.
Hell yeah,
It's a VIDEO.
It's on YOUTUBE, people.



hey, I'm back.

PMR is so damn not over.
But, I have 3 days to have a break.
Yeah, KH and MATH will be there on Monday.
So, this is so damn not a 'MERDEKA' day.
Yet, I just wanna say that I'm pretty disappointed.
Well, I'm not even show my best during PMR.
I could not even get the right answer.
Time just never be enough.
Just breathe, it's over.
No matter what, I'm not a time traveler, so, I couldn't change it.

Okay, my latest, officially crush goes to,,
He's 22.
So damn tall with height of 176cm.
The similarity he has with me is,
we have da same type of blood, B.
He's superb at dancing.
His voice makes me melting.
His smile makes me daydreaming.
He was rejected from BIG BANG,
Then, now, he's a star with a group called B2ST a.k.a. BEAST.
Nahh.. he is killing me.