Make It Happen

Choose a job you LOVE, and you will never have to work a day in your life - Confucius 

I ran across this quote in Seventeen Magazine. Hehe. And yeah. I'm seventeen also, mehh. And I'm waiting patiently (and anxiously) for my SPM's result. This is the time to start thinking about my future. And today, I had a so-called reunion with my ex-classmates and I asked almost everyone "Which courses are you going to choose?" and none of them really answer my question. Perhaps I was exaggerating these 'future' thingy. Because they seemed relaxed. Hmm. 

Doctor. Lawyer. Engineer. Architect. Teacher. Singer. Professor.

Interesting. Those are the lines that we used to answer when we were young, once people asked, "Who do you want to be when you grow up?"

Those are beautiful dreams, indeed. But, they sound cliche' to me. I believe those dreams are not for me. Yeah. Yeah. I know. I'm aiming for TESL, which definitely means I'm going to .... teach. Even the title says it all (Teaching English as Second Language). I wish to become an English teacher and teach at rural village school. I'm going to teach the children the beauty of language and I'm bringing my guitar to play the English songs with them. I'd love to live my whole life, like that. When I'm getting my pay, I would travel ..... around the world!

When I was 7, I dreamed of becoming a singer, because I was a fan of Siti Nurhaliza. Then, it switched into becoming a doctor. Next, a stewardess. A professor, (major in English, of course). And now, I decide to take TESL, because the only subject that I really love is English. I rather write an English essay than studying Physics. I don't mind flipping through pages of English novels just to stumble upon new vocabulary. I just simply love the beauty of English. I express my thoughts way better in English because I find writing in Bahasa Melayu is kind of too .... dramatic, to me. But hey, it's not like I fail my Bahasa Melayu or what.

Credit: Tumblr

Maybe. Just maybe. My aim to take TESL is wavering, right now. Because I fall in love with fashion. Even my cousin and my aunt suggested me to choose fashion design (Or maybe I didn't notice the humor. Whatever). I've always loved fashion, anyway. And I am inspired by Jezmine Blossom because she has her own fashion line, Old Blossom Box. When I was 7, I was the little girl who wore dresses wherever she went. There was this moment when I was in my class, I told my best friend, I might just take fashion design instead, and one day open my own clothes shop, with my own clothing line (of course). Isn't it alluring to say "Fashion Designer", when you're being asked about your job? Waking up every morning to face those fabrics, beautiful patterns and exquisite designs is an utter bliss. Making my customers feel happy upon purchasing their desire outfits would leave me in an implicit satisfied. The thing is ....

I do not know how to design. Let alone sewing clothes. 

Credit: Google

And I'm not an alert person to notice little things on people's garments. I even have bad memory when it comes to remembering people's outfits. Okay. For instance, let's say you wear a yellow t-shirt today, and on the next day, the memory of seeing you in yellow will vanish from my mind. What that makes me? Less 'fashionably alert'. Ugh. I don't even have good fashion sense. But, at least, I feel confident in it (:

Because I love dancing very very much, I actually consider to become a choreographer. Which is ridiculous. I only perform on the Talent Show at my school, and choreographed a performance for Teacher's Day (And most teachers didn't like it, because they thought it was inappropriate, I guess) and I suddenly, out of the blue, decided to become a choreographer. I thought it will be amazing to choreograph Kpop groups (Because I'm an avid fan of Kpop). Let's just bury this dream into a .... grave. But I'm still dancing. I don't have two left feet :p

Girl. Face it. Face the REAL world. The REAL life. I should stick to TESL. It only seems REAL when I decide to take TESL. No worry. I realize  without hard works, I wouldn't become a good teacher, though.

But still, I want to be different. Different than my classmates. Different than my friends. I want to do something that I love to do for my whole life and completely different from others' dreams. I will make it happen. And I trust Him. He would always knows what's BEST for me.  

p/s: I'm planning to create a scrapbook of my fashion ideas. I'm going to cut and paste those models wearing branded, exquisite clothes into my fashion scrapbook. I even bought new color pencils!

6 Days Later,

I'm home. 

What a journey. Two nights at Johor. Two nights at Melaka. And one night at Shah Alam.

Our main purpose was to go to Johol, Negeri Sembilan, though. And we went there last Saturday. 

When we arrived home, safely last night, at 11.47p.m. ., it was raining heavily. And it still is. It was sunny at Kuala Lumpur, but now, it's dark, cold, wet, at Besut, HERE. Rain reminds me to holiday, which is, a GOOD thing ~

Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice #2

Source : Google

I mentioned about FINGER KNITTING in previous entry, right? And I love doing it. Except that sometime it 'strangles' and 'chokes' my fingers. It's alright, as long as the result is perfect (to me). So, I can simply compromise with 'slow' blood circulation. 

It's so easy. It's like a therapy, at times. I put on my earpods, listen to Bridgit Mendler's songs through my iPod and keep my focus on my fingers. That's it. By the way, I might just curse under my breath during the process, because yeah, how are we going to learn if we do not make mistake?

It started with nothingness, actually. There was nothing interesting to do, much. Until I found this :

When I was 15, I taught the participants of English Workshop to make a FRIENDSHIP BRACELET using those. Those are leftovers, like, A LOT. 

So I googled on HOW TO KNIT. And I don't have two knit needles. So I attempted two PENS as needles, but of course, I failed. Then I found out that we can just knit using our HANDS or fingers, to be exact. Kids can simply do this (based on what I read on Google). Why couldn't we? So, why not, right? It's official, finger knitting is in the LIST of things to do after SPM.

I am left-handed. That makes my left hand as my dominant hand. So, I'm knitting on my right hand!  Let's see the outcomes of these finger knitting!

It's my waist, by the way. I'm using this as a BELT on my plain blouse!

I'm going to create a CURTAIN. Can't wait. Can't wait. Remember girls, we're sugar, spice and everything nice. 

Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice

This entry is firmly, strictly dedicated to GIRLS ONLY.

They told me something about me that I could never put my finger on.
We're all girls, so, um, I might have told them (or not) something about them.
Girls are being girls. We love. We gossip. What I'd love to skip is, we just can't avoid DRAMA. Cliche'.
Somehow, now that school's over, I'd love to recall those moments.
They judged me. They labelled me. 
I was known as a solitary girl. I used to walk all by myself (because I wanted to) most of the time to places around school. It was awkward, yeah. But turned out, I simply enjoyed the serene, lonely, quiet walking.  
They labelled me (I guess) as a I-don't-care girl. I take that as a compliment. Seriously. Because that means I'm not like those girls who love to poke their noses into gossips or other people affairs. They said, I'm the person who did not care about others business. However, what that makes me? Yeah, I don't like butting into something that does not involve myself, but that does not make me a self-centered person. 
I did not smile much, unless you gave me a real, genuine, good reason to. And I'm not sorry for that. Sometime, I just forget to smile. I need you to remind me.  *wink

The truth is, I don't mind. You may judge me. I forgive you because you don't know me. But, I would never ever let someone DEFINE me. I DEFINE MYSELFAnd you should too. 

I'm just a GIRL. A girl who wants to be anything but ordinary. Or you may call it as extraordinary. No matter how expressionless, 'smile less', boring, fiery-tempered I am, I'm just a girl who is made of sugar, spice and everything nice. Just like you!

I don't know how to cook, but, I enjoy finger knitting and love to learn knitting.
Riding my little brother's fixie exhilarated me, but, I still love dancing to graceful moves.
The like-a-boy confidence that I get when putting on my sneakers excited me, but I still find skirts and dresses are exquisite (I heart fashion).

Girls, reveal your masquerade, dump your facade, to the people who love you and worth it.

Again, I'm just a girl. Every girl is ..... a GIRL, despite how that girl acts and presents herself. We can be fragile, vulnerable, beautiful and strong at the same time. If you ask me who runs the world? You're right. It's us, GIRLS.

So fathers, be good to your daughters
Daughters will love like you do
Girls become lovers who turn into mothers
So mothers, be good to your daughters too

John Mayer - Daughters


I still remember how stunning (really?) Bella looked and how devastatingly beautiful, gorgeous, etc. (don't let me go any further) Edward looked on the cover of TWILIGHT poster that I saw on Klik's magazine when I was like, 13. 

I read the summarized synopsis and I was charmed (perhaps) by the fact that it was a story about a girl who falls for a vampire. Yeah. Laugh all you want. I was young and thirteen. Of course it was fascinating, to me. It was exceptionally different. It was unpredictable. Something I never expected. Something that never crossed my mind. 

Hence, I bought the book, Twilight. And I liked it. Then I asked my Mom to purchase NEW MOON (the sequel, obviously), when she went to Penang. To my delirious surprise, I got an ECLIPSE for my fifteenth birthday present from a good friend of mine. And I bought BREAKING DAWN on my own at popular bookstore. Yeah. I was a Twihard, indeed. Despite the fact that I did not really understand English, I still bury my nose in those novels. I fell for Edward, hard. Real hard. To the point that I wrote about him in my diary. To the point that I wanted a vampire as my boyfriend, which was incredulously impossible! I know right. It was ridiculous. It was an implausible, immature behavior of mine. Trust me, I was not the only one. There are, in fact, numerous Twihards out there. If you're not a part of us, you would NEVER understand. Enough said. 

My favourite book would be BREAKING DAWN. Because there are so many event in it! Bella and Edward is getting married. They had a half-human, half-vamp daughter. Jacob, who was once loved Bella, suddenly 'imprinted' on Bella's daughter, which made Bella as ...., um, his ..... mother-in-law to be? Yeah, Jacob finally gets over Bella! 

My least favourite book would be NEW MOON because Edward left Bella, for a vague (to me) reason, that I still could not be sure. Bella was depressed. She cried herself to sleep. She screamed as if she was in pain (yeah. Losing Edward) during her sleep. And she spent much time with Jacob more than Edward. Okay. I don't have problem with Jacob, but, um, yeah, um, whateves.  

Too bad. I am not much of a Twihard, anyway. I haven't watch BREAKING DAWN PART 1. Haish. I'm waiting for BREAKING DAWN PART 2 to be released. Then, I'm going to buy the DVD for ALL 5 movies and here we go ............... MOVIES MARATHON! 

Don't judge me for my obsession. It's not like I care. Honestly, come to think of it, my past obsession was absurd. Now, I reach seventeen. But, that does not make me less immature, reckless, anyway. It has been years. I am still a fan. So, I'm going to reread the TWILIGHT SAGA. That was originally one of things that I'd love to do after SPM. Let's get it started!

Come to me ~

Hello, there!

27th November was supposed to be my last paper of SPM. So, um, is it okay for me to say I am OFFICIALLY no longer MURID SEKOLAH now, 5th December? :p

Technically, Last Thurs, I went to Kemaman and Puchong and Shah Alam and Kuala Lumpur. So yeah, I just got home recent Monday ., Then I watched Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge for the third times and A walk to remember for  the @#$$#%$ times! 

I'd love to read some really good books in the library, but still, I'm too lazy, jet lag, (perhaps?) to make a move. Maybe. Just maybe. I'm lazy to go outside because my skin is in bad condition (blemish), I've been using numerous skin products, but nothing works for me .. So, um, I'm giving The Body Shop a try to improve my skin. It's not because I don't know how to take care of my skin, but I just can't figure out which product is the best one. I read SEVENTEEN mag, for crying out loud, so, I am well-aware on one thing or two regarding skin care thingy :) 

I am surprised how contrast the number of entries on 2011 compared to 2012. I wrote like, 40 entries for 2011 and only ......... 4, yes FOUR entries for 2012. Can you imagine how hectic my (our) live as SPM candidates? It was crazy. The tension. The adrenaline. SPM was killing me. For two nights (including last night), I had dreams about exams, SPM or whatever you name it. It was dreadful, horrible, intense. The clock was ticking. I was like, I hadn't finish tackling these questions yet! Oh God. 

I am sincerely, truly glad SPM was over. Those tears. Those sweats. Those red eyes. Those eyes, waking up at 4am. It was a pure torture. But it was over. Now, I am hoping for the best. 


 Credit to Nurliyana Adanan

The girl in Kebaya with the biggest SMILE is ... me :D
Credit to Asya Nasir

More updates are coming soon. Too many things to be said. Too many things to be shared.