I still remember how stunning (really?) Bella looked and how devastatingly beautiful, gorgeous, etc. (don't let me go any further) Edward looked on the cover of TWILIGHT poster that I saw on Klik's magazine when I was like, 13. 

I read the summarized synopsis and I was charmed (perhaps) by the fact that it was a story about a girl who falls for a vampire. Yeah. Laugh all you want. I was young and thirteen. Of course it was fascinating, to me. It was exceptionally different. It was unpredictable. Something I never expected. Something that never crossed my mind. 

Hence, I bought the book, Twilight. And I liked it. Then I asked my Mom to purchase NEW MOON (the sequel, obviously), when she went to Penang. To my delirious surprise, I got an ECLIPSE for my fifteenth birthday present from a good friend of mine. And I bought BREAKING DAWN on my own at popular bookstore. Yeah. I was a Twihard, indeed. Despite the fact that I did not really understand English, I still bury my nose in those novels. I fell for Edward, hard. Real hard. To the point that I wrote about him in my diary. To the point that I wanted a vampire as my boyfriend, which was incredulously impossible! I know right. It was ridiculous. It was an implausible, immature behavior of mine. Trust me, I was not the only one. There are, in fact, numerous Twihards out there. If you're not a part of us, you would NEVER understand. Enough said. 

My favourite book would be BREAKING DAWN. Because there are so many event in it! Bella and Edward is getting married. They had a half-human, half-vamp daughter. Jacob, who was once loved Bella, suddenly 'imprinted' on Bella's daughter, which made Bella as ...., um, his ..... mother-in-law to be? Yeah, Jacob finally gets over Bella! 

My least favourite book would be NEW MOON because Edward left Bella, for a vague (to me) reason, that I still could not be sure. Bella was depressed. She cried herself to sleep. She screamed as if she was in pain (yeah. Losing Edward) during her sleep. And she spent much time with Jacob more than Edward. Okay. I don't have problem with Jacob, but, um, yeah, um, whateves.  

Too bad. I am not much of a Twihard, anyway. I haven't watch BREAKING DAWN PART 1. Haish. I'm waiting for BREAKING DAWN PART 2 to be released. Then, I'm going to buy the DVD for ALL 5 movies and here we go ............... MOVIES MARATHON! 

Don't judge me for my obsession. It's not like I care. Honestly, come to think of it, my past obsession was absurd. Now, I reach seventeen. But, that does not make me less immature, reckless, anyway. It has been years. I am still a fan. So, I'm going to reread the TWILIGHT SAGA. That was originally one of things that I'd love to do after SPM. Let's get it started!

Come to me ~

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