Friday Night

I'm currently at Temerloh, Pahang. Feeling good. Eating cadbury while reading Galaxie Mags. Hehe. So yeah. I'm honestly tired of staying in the car. The best part is I get to stuff the earphones in my ears. 

Tues - Head to Kemaman
Wed - Head to KL
Thurs - Head to Temerloh
Fri - Head to Gambang and Kemaman
Sat - HOME

Oh my, what a journey, eh?

Yeah. Park Shin Hye in You've Fallen For Me. She looks so sweet. I've been looking for that blue, plain dress like, forever. Oh my God. I've finally found it at Berjaya Times Square.

 I just love Korean/Chinese/Japanese FASHION. It is so elegant yet so sweet. FYI, I even found a jacket that Yoon Eun Hye wore in Lie To Me. I feel like wanna stay in that mall, forever. Heaven.

p/s: Don't remind me about school, please. Let me enjoy this moment. Heh.


I'm bad at managing time. I'm good at wasting my time during holiday. 

What did I do for the past 2 weeks? Haiyaa. Never mind. But, I gotta complete my homework now because next week, my family will travel to Johor and Malacca, and I don't want to make myself in misery by those untouched homework. But still, I managed to read the novels, 'The Curse' and 'Sutera Dalam Lukisan'. Both novels are really good! Can you believe that I finished reading 'Sutera Dalam Lukisan' in ONE day? Haha. Tonight, I hope he will stop sending those 'Good Night' kind of messages. He should save that for someone special. I am not falling for it, you know. I'm not giving any second chances. Yeah. It is funny how you just magically switch your love and attention to someone else no matter how obsessed you were with your previous lovers.

I've came across this quote in Seventeen Mag, and I realise that I WAS a loser. Heh. Not anymore.

“Winners compare their achievements with their goals, while losers compare their achievements with those of other people” - Nido Qubein

The List

This week is like, the FOURTH week of holiday, I guess?

No No. This week is my SECOND week (after Jamboree, trip and stuff). So, I wanna awake when it's 11am, cry watching Korean drama, lying on the couch staring at TV's screen and hanging out at kitchen when I'm hungry.

Drop it now. Today is already 13 12 11. Nice.

Go flipping through the book's pages. No, not Seventeen Mags.

I gotta confess, I watch too much Korean dramas recently. I am hooked on them. And I always caught myself daydreaming about them. And I know I'm not the only one. *wink*

So, I wanna make a list a brag about how chronic my obsession towards those Korean (and Japanese) dramas. From the Best to the Worst. Get ready, set, scribble!

  1. 49 Days (The BEST! Perfect)
  2. Hana Yori Dango (Japan version for BOF, far far better!)
  3. Secret Garden (Perfect ending)
  4. Heartstrings / You've fallen for me (Sweeeeeet)
  5. Cain And Abel (Revenge. Medic. Whoa)
  6. Bad Guy (Logic. Relevant. Interesting)
  7. Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge (Addictive)
  8. Dream High (Inspiring. Dance. Sing. Raise your voice)
  9. One Litre Of Tears (Tearssss. Make me wanna cry)
  10. City Hunter
  11. My Girl
  12. Lie To Me
  13. Absolute Boyfriend (I love cream puffs!)
  14. Full House
  15. Sungkyunkwan Scandal
  16. You're Beautiful
  17. Boys Over Flowers
  18. My Girlfriend Is Gumiho
  19. Princess Hours
  20. Hana Kimi
  21. Miss Ripley

Another list! Dramas I want to watch:

  1. Love Rain (SNSD Yoona and Jang Geun Suk. 2012)
  2. Beautiful Love
  3. Autumn In My Heart (Rewatch)
  4. Summer Scent (Rewatch)

I'm finally done with the list. Thank you for reading. Yo.

I must say that each drama contains 10/16/20/24 episodes. So, can you imagine how many hours I spent just so I could watch those? You do the math. Imagine if the hours I spent for studying are as long as watching dramas? I must have gotten 9A+ by now. Haha. Kidding.

Jamboree, heaven yeah.

She's Fun to hang out with. Just look at how BIG my smile is. Hehh.

FYI, Jamboree is held only once in 4 years. So, I guess you may consider I am lucky for being able to be a part of this one. To make things wayy 'luckier', Terengganu is chosen as a place for us, Scouts to gather for this year's Jamboree. Hehe. So, almost 6000 scouts are from Terengganu! No surprise, huh? The rest 4000+ are from other states and 14 countries (Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, etc).

The thing is, I'm just not a 'camping' person, lol. But, I held it in for the sake of my friends and priceless experience. Can you imagine, staying there with thousands of people for NINE days? Whoa. Thank God I managed to shower at least once a day. Worst of all, it was raining for almost SIX days. I just can't no longer hear the sounds of the pouring, heavy rain. It reminds me to moments when we were struggling with the rain, dripping water and evil wind inside the tent. It was a battle.

Let's look at the bright side. I obtained awesome experience. I managed to strengthen my friendship with these girls. I met my ex-classmate. I met new friends (not much, but, who cares). I smiled a lot. I laughed like nobody's watching. I became stronger and fearless.

Who's that guy in red t-shirt? Uninvited guy.

Some interesting experiences I'd love to share:

1. We had to change our tent site for FOUR times. It was tiring and humiliating.

2. A panic Mouse entered out tent. Haish.

3. During 'Litar Komando', I fell THREE times. Haiyaa. It was tough, really.

4. Meeting new friend from Johor and she said that she supported Terengganu over Kelantan during the football match. *Grin*

5. Flying fox. This time, I jumped. I still can remember the feeling of falling from high place.

6. Watching some great cultural performances. I laughed. I smiled. I yawned. Hehe.

7. I found out that my sneakers is the same BRAND and SIZE with Nana (my tent-mate). Wait, we also have another pair of same sneakers at our homes. Can you believe it? We were like, separated twins. Except for the fact that she's already has identical twin, Didi.

8. Saying Hi to two Indonesians, Jodi and Sisca. Sisca is 14. And I told her I am 16. Her teacher thought I was 13! Muahahaha.

9. On our final night, which was Friday night. A creepy incident happened. One word, Hysteria. Around 7 to 8 girls became the victims. Haish. Thank God it made me became stronger.

p/s: We (me, Nana and Rushda) made a promise that we'll never join any camping activities again no matter what condition. Hahahaha.

Trouble Maker

I just watched TROUBLE MAKER music vid by HYUN SEUNG and HYUNA.

I still can't believe that among all of the BEAST members, Seungie gets to collaborate with Hyuna as a TROUBLE MAKER.

I am HAPPY for him.

I just can't believe he KISSED her during a performance.

I am extremely flabbergasted. I can't stop thinking about them. Haish.

But I can't resist the fact that they look extremely HOT.

Hello, December., what a surprise, huh?

HyunSeung and Hyuna? As TROUBLE MAKER?

Hot. Hot.

p/s: Hyuna., at first, you were in AJ (Beast) - dancing shoes MV, then in your vid Change with Jun Hyung (Beast) and now with Hyun Seung (Beast) in Trouble Maker. Whoa. I am anticipated for what's next.