Inner Demons

Sometime I hear voices telling me that I shouldn't be doing that because that's not me even though 'that' refers to positive thing. Sometime I give in to that voices. Sometime I disobey them. When I get mad at someone/something, I can feel my blood is boiling and my face is flushing with pent-up anger. My intention often being misinterpreted because I speak in high pitch (so they all thought that I'm angry ALL THE TIME). Sometime those voices make me question others sincerity. Sometime they turn me into a judgmental bitch. Sometime they lure me to speak carelessly. 

The thing is, who am I to blame 'them' when 'they' are a part of me? They are my inner demons. I would runaway from them and surrender when I'm weak. I would face and fight them when my faith is restored. God, I'm just a human. 

It's an endless battle, I know.