#5 5 things that irritate you about the opposite sex/same sex.

5 things are a bit................ too much. I can explain 5 things about me which are irritating (and annoying), but um, when it comes to about other people, err, how do I say it? It's like addressing 5 negative things about others without realising that perhaps one (or more) of them would've been mine.

Let's call it 5 pet peeves, shall we? 

1. I can't deal with people who always think they're cool just because they're not going mainstream and tend to insult people who don't have the same interest as them. Come on, just because you love classical music, it doesn't mean you have to intentionally diss people who prefer pop music. Ugh. 

2. People who are always (I repeat, ALWAYS) late. In other words, people who can't be punctual. Like, "Meeting start pukul 3, eh? Kalau macam tu, Pukul 3 baru I keluar la, alahh, diorang bukannya on time pun". I can't stand someone who makes me wait, doesn't even bother to rush and apologize at the end of the day (for being late). Does it kill you to be on time? 

3. Badmouthing your friends. Obviously, if you don't mind exposing your friends' negativity, I believe you wouldn't even hesitate to tell other people mine. Oh right, I used to be like that, too, when I was young and immature and stupid. Please, grow up. Because you're 19, not 9.

4. Clingy. I'm just going to runaway from that kind of person. I'm sorry. I don't have that invisible glue just so we could stick together 24/7. Perhaps that's why I'm often be seen walking.................alone. Because I simply prefer that way.

5. Boys. Pffffffffft. They ARE my pet peeves.I don't know. I just find they're annoying. Or maybe I haven't found the right one. Or maybe my history with them still hurts my pride. I feel so awkward around them. And they're not nice. Listening to different perception from them is interesting, but no, lets not get into something too personal. I'm sorry if this sounds lame. 

#4 What You Wear To Bed?

Oh dear. This sounds intimate, but um, it's just something that I wear, isn't it? 

Now that I'm staying in hostel, I choose to put on my RM30 (a really good bargain, I tell you), electric blue, sleeveless dress. Then finish off with a t-shirt, feeling like Park Shin Hye in Heartstrings K-drama (I really love her stylist's fashion sense because her outfits were so modest, feminine and colourful but not clown-ish). 

Basically, like this :P

#3 What Kind Of Person Attracts You?

Bismillahirahmanirrahim. My next week schedule is going to be hectic. I'm trying to write as much as I can. May Allah bless. 

What kind of person attracts you? Ehem. Definitely not physical appearance, I thought. Your good looks won't impress me (oh yes they do, for the first few seconds), but your admirable attitude would leave footprints in my heart, eternally.

INDEPENDENTDon't be clingy. I need a space. Yes, someone who can walk on her own and doesn't ask me to teman pergi toilet, MOST of the times, would definitely caught my eyes. For the record, my friends are mostly lone rangers because they don't like waiting (just like me!). I don't know, but I think I have a thing for lone rangers. 

KNOWLEDGEABLENo, not a know-it-all. And no, I don't speak politics, cars or footballs, for crying out loud. Oh well, we can talk about dreams, books, music, arts, fashion, etc (I'm just an ordinary girl who wants to be extraordinary, I see). If we have something in common during our conversation, that would be great. Haven't you heard this statement, "Friendship is born at that moment when one man says to another: "What! You too? I thought that no one but myself....." ?

The most attractive one is, COMFORTABLE BEING YOURSELF. If you want to have a good laugh, go on. I love seeing that glint in your eyes every time you tell me about your passion. Be real. Be original. Be YOU. Honestly, I don't like hypocrites (who does, anyway?). Just be yourself, what's the big deal?

Enough said.

#2 How Have You Changed In The Past 2 Years?

2 years ago, I was 17 and young and stressful (blame SPM) and my skin started becoming not so clear anymore (haha). Back then, I couldn't wait to pass my SPM and leave my high school. I didn't really like high school (maybe I because I was never a fan of our educational system, heck I'm going to be an English teacher soon). I used to speak carelessly, my temper was raging, always forget to smile and say thank you, cannot handle working under pressure, just to name a few. 

Now, I'm 19 and I believe I have developed particular aspects in the past 2 years. 2013 was a year when I started to become more mature, I suppose. To be exact, 2013 was my turning point. 

PLKN taught me to be more patient, how to deal with all kinds of people, be fearless and be thankful for little things. Even though it was a torture (haha) I've learned my lesson and I am aware of the reasons why Allah decided I should enter PLKN. Everything happened for reasons (if not just ONE solid reason).

My 1-year Pre-U USM foundation at Kolej Mara Kulim was the biggest challenge, ever. First day was the hardest, ALWAYS. God, I cried a lot in the shower. Waking up in the morning for countless quizzes was dreadful. Completing tutorials questions, finishing assignments, attending 8 to 5 classes 5 days in a week and last but not least, facing EXAMINATIONS. Even though I was never a 'study hard' type of student, I struggled a lot to do things I don't like. I knew they thought I had it easy because I didn't appear to be studying ALL THE TIME (like them) but still, passing Science subjects in order to pursue TESOL for degree was not pleasant. Clearly, I studied Science not for my future undertakings (degree, phD and career). Here's what I've learned, studying for the sake of actually learning and not just to score exams. I stimulated my ability of working under pressure, enduring and survive! 

The most polite, nice girl I ever met. And she's hilarious!
Not to mention, a huge, unstoppable fan of Anime :D
I met some real good friends (God I really miss them). It's a gift. They taught me the simple act of kindness like saying thank you, sorry and smile. Now I'm trying to emulate those values from them.When I get mad suddenly, I've learned to control my temper by doing things that calm my nerves (pray, read Qur'an and listen to music) instead of venting those anger to people I love. My faith might rise and fall, and being with them somehow, makes me remember of Allah. 

I'm thankful for every moment that leads me to Him, makes my Imaan rises and turns me to be a better person, day by day.  

#1 Weird Things You Do When You’re Alone.

I'm technically a Lone Ranger. So I'm alone ............ most of the times, back then in college. How I miss that solitary joy.

But that's not the point, though. During my 4-months holiday after my Pre-U USM foundation was over, I stayed at home, a lot. I was literally bored to death. But hey, I've read almost 20 books (and counting) at that time! Other than reading, there's something (well you can call it weird) that I always do when I caught myself alone at home. I go into my room, take my guitar and walk out towards the living room.

Here's what I do, sing out loud while strumming my guitar.

Source: Google

And here's a secret, I never do that in front of my family. Even though my father is the one who supports me picking up guitar by purchasing my guitars, I have never ever played the guitar right before his eyes despite the fact that I self-taught guitar since 5 years ago. I've sent my video playing guitar with my friend to my mom (it's just a VIDEO, for crying out loud!), though but that's it.

During my so-called intimate session with my guitar, I would sing any songs that project my voice (and I've read it somewhere that singing eases the stress) especially the ones by Michelle Branch. I know this is cheesy but um, sometime I let the teardrops fall on my guitar (like Tay Swift's song pffffft) whenever I belted out songs that would remind me to something that makes me feel unsettled, sad, happy (?) and all that's left is memories. I told you, music is my time machine. 

It's A Challenge!


I just want to keep writing. Normally I'd just scribble my thoughts, poems into my journal. Yeah, I admit I rarely update this blog for some reasons. But hey, this challenge that I just discover through Coffee House blog by Anis Nad (a good friend of mine) aroused me to jump on the bandwagon and I think YOU should too! 

1. Weird things you do when you’re alone.
2. How have you changed in the past 2 years?
3. What kind of person attracts you.
4. What you wear to bed.
5. 5 things that irritate you about the opposite sex/same sex.
6. The person you like and why you like them.
7. Your opinion on cheating on people.
8. Something you’re currently worrying about.
9. Your last kiss.
10. Your views on drugs and alcohol.
11. Your currently relationship, if single discuss how single life is.
12. Things you want to say to an ex.
13. A date you would love to go on.
14. Something disgusting you do.
15. The best things to happen to you this week.
16. 3 things you are proud of about your personality.
17. Things that make you scared.
18. Disrespecting parents.
19. Something that never fails to make you feel better.
20. The last argument you had.
21. Something you can’t seem to get over.
22. 10 things about you people don’t really expect.
23. Something you always think “what if…” about.
24. Things you want to say to 5 different people.
25. 10 ways to win your heart.
26. Your religious beliefs.
27. Talk about your siblings.
28. The month you were happiest this year why.
29. A picture of yourself.
30. What changed this month and what you hope will happen next month.

Brand New Life

Pokok Pukul Lima.
My first update in USM since I've been here for two weeks already, right? FYI, my hostel (Desasiswa) is one of the three off-campus hostels so yeah, two rides of buses are required before I actually arrive at my classes. If certain events start before 7.30 am (like St. John's first meeting yesterday), I have to......... walk. It was a 25-minute walk, approximately. The orientation week was horrendous, but I survived. The first week of classes and lectures was okay, so far, I am very very punctual (as much as everybody is) and I hope I'm not going to screw up (because I don't like not being punctual and I don't trust people who are not punctual muahaha). The schedule is not very packed like my previous college. But still, it was quite tiring (but I'm not complaining). Tons of presentations are coming up. I'm currently reading books and articles regarding effective roles and strategies  of educators to produce excellent learners. Wow, I'm struggling to catch up and learn new things and now I have to learn how to ............. teach. It's new to me. But I'm anticipating it!

God I thought my not-so-challenging course (like what they say), TESOL enables me to participate in activities I love, but hold it right there, missy, I have to participate in 'Unit Beruniform' (compulsory for every educators-to-be). God I really have no idea. Not even the slightest bit. I always wanted to runaway from that but hey, hello there! Worst of all, I have to bloody spend 5 hours every Saturday (and 2 hours on Monday) for St. John's meeting. I'm not sorry that I'm not a fan of 'unit beruniform' haha. But the seniors looked like they have FUN to be a part of it. And I ACTUALLY kind of have a good, genuine feeling about it. I wish I'll someday come to naturally love being in this family (St. John's family). Let's be positive.

And yeah, I met few friends from different races which is great. The way they act. The way they talk. The way they dress. They exhibit more colours and flavours into my life. 

For those who keep telling me how the 'famous courses' (you name them) are so challenging and tough and hard to score whatsoever compared to my course, please STOP it. Stop mentioning how my life is going to be real smooth and easy because it's ..... NOT. Even though this course is my choice, the subject is my fave, I am struggling because failing in things I love (and my forte) is my least favourite thing. It hurts you know when you said that my course is easier than yours and my life is going to be at ease than yours (just because you're a doctor-to-be and I'm not).