#1 Weird Things You Do When You’re Alone.

I'm technically a Lone Ranger. So I'm alone ............ most of the times, back then in college. How I miss that solitary joy.

But that's not the point, though. During my 4-months holiday after my Pre-U USM foundation was over, I stayed at home, a lot. I was literally bored to death. But hey, I've read almost 20 books (and counting) at that time! Other than reading, there's something (well you can call it weird) that I always do when I caught myself alone at home. I go into my room, take my guitar and walk out towards the living room.

Here's what I do, sing out loud while strumming my guitar.

Source: Google

And here's a secret, I never do that in front of my family. Even though my father is the one who supports me picking up guitar by purchasing my guitars, I have never ever played the guitar right before his eyes despite the fact that I self-taught guitar since 5 years ago. I've sent my video playing guitar with my friend to my mom (it's just a VIDEO, for crying out loud!), though but that's it.

During my so-called intimate session with my guitar, I would sing any songs that project my voice (and I've read it somewhere that singing eases the stress) especially the ones by Michelle Branch. I know this is cheesy but um, sometime I let the teardrops fall on my guitar (like Tay Swift's song pffffft) whenever I belted out songs that would remind me to something that makes me feel unsettled, sad, happy (?) and all that's left is memories. I told you, music is my time machine. 

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