#2 How Have You Changed In The Past 2 Years?

2 years ago, I was 17 and young and stressful (blame SPM) and my skin started becoming not so clear anymore (haha). Back then, I couldn't wait to pass my SPM and leave my high school. I didn't really like high school (maybe I because I was never a fan of our educational system, heck I'm going to be an English teacher soon). I used to speak carelessly, my temper was raging, always forget to smile and say thank you, cannot handle working under pressure, just to name a few. 

Now, I'm 19 and I believe I have developed particular aspects in the past 2 years. 2013 was a year when I started to become more mature, I suppose. To be exact, 2013 was my turning point. 

PLKN taught me to be more patient, how to deal with all kinds of people, be fearless and be thankful for little things. Even though it was a torture (haha) I've learned my lesson and I am aware of the reasons why Allah decided I should enter PLKN. Everything happened for reasons (if not just ONE solid reason).

My 1-year Pre-U USM foundation at Kolej Mara Kulim was the biggest challenge, ever. First day was the hardest, ALWAYS. God, I cried a lot in the shower. Waking up in the morning for countless quizzes was dreadful. Completing tutorials questions, finishing assignments, attending 8 to 5 classes 5 days in a week and last but not least, facing EXAMINATIONS. Even though I was never a 'study hard' type of student, I struggled a lot to do things I don't like. I knew they thought I had it easy because I didn't appear to be studying ALL THE TIME (like them) but still, passing Science subjects in order to pursue TESOL for degree was not pleasant. Clearly, I studied Science not for my future undertakings (degree, phD and career). Here's what I've learned, studying for the sake of actually learning and not just to score exams. I stimulated my ability of working under pressure, enduring and survive! 

The most polite, nice girl I ever met. And she's hilarious!
Not to mention, a huge, unstoppable fan of Anime :D
I met some real good friends (God I really miss them). It's a gift. They taught me the simple act of kindness like saying thank you, sorry and smile. Now I'm trying to emulate those values from them.When I get mad suddenly, I've learned to control my temper by doing things that calm my nerves (pray, read Qur'an and listen to music) instead of venting those anger to people I love. My faith might rise and fall, and being with them somehow, makes me remember of Allah. 

I'm thankful for every moment that leads me to Him, makes my Imaan rises and turns me to be a better person, day by day.  

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