I'm getting way much STRONGER

Well, perhaps you might be thinking that up until now,
Why I keep writing in English?
I'm not skema, geek or nerd, but this is my way to express myself, LOL.
I'm just being me.

I dunno why, I suddenly realize that all of my experience makes me stronger.
I'm not afraid of failure.
I'm not terrified of rejection.
I'm not trauma with challenges.
For instance, I'm still not having any TRUE BFF till now.
I mean, I'm not sticking to any girl whom I can trust.
I befriend with the girls that I know and regard them as da best friends, and not foreva, LOL.
My relationship with each girl is kinda different.
Let's say, with Demi*, I share my problems.
Hayley* often comes to me when she faces problems.
Avie* meets me with excitement to tell her good news.
(* means, not da real names, LOL)
I understand they got BFFs, so I won't interrupt them.
No biggie.
I'm independent, LOL. Try me, I can even spend a day at school just by myself without friends beside me.
But still, friends cheer my days.
They tend to make me happy and sad simultaneously.
I loooove my girls friends!

BTW, last nite,
Me, my family had a seafood dinner, LOL.
And then, we went to da nite market~~~
Lots of various kinds of stuff there, babe!
Even though, my sis said,
"It's kinda 'itchy' to wear nite-market-brand clothes..."
(she said with such an annoying voice to me)
But, who cares? I dun care bout brand, all I care is bout the quality and how it looks.
The cheap one could appear to be an expensive one! Trust me!
So, I bought this cheap clothes,
It's sorta 'unexpensive', looks good with me and I love it!
It resembles YUNA!

Workshop? Huh.

Well, no biggie bout this.
But, I'm just going to be pretty busy.
and too bad, I volunteered to involve in that one.
Wokey, but how come I did agree to learn to do this


So, I made a research and I guess I'm going to 'teach' the kids a.k.a. the juniors to make this one.
Somehow, including boys and girls (would boys will to do this stuff)
I'm holding da responsibility for this.
I mean, I've to conduct for the art and craft section on the workshop.
Oh, damn.
To be honest, I don't even know how to make this!
(BTW, whoever you are, peeking on my blog, please, don't think I'm hopeless)
But, still, I'll learn on how to make this so that the plan would work out just well~

I'm just feeling kinda proud of myself for making a flier with Fana,
And the flier was sorta da bomb (for a first time making it)
well, almost 30 juniors signed up after us handing that fliers.
We were like, whoa.
Never thought that the kids would interested in that workshop.
Guess what, there's only 2 classes gave respond!
What about the other 10?
Who knows, huh?

Anything But EXAM

Exam went well, but, I feel like the result won't be that 'well'.
At least, I'm kinda study hard and tried to make it as study smart.
But, still, I can't do anything when da result comes out.
I just able to try way much harder on next time. That's it.
Oh, waiiitt! Anything but exam, huh??


The Only Exception
Hey, this is da most beautiful MV (well, after MV 'you belong with me' by Tay Swift and 'You and I' by Park Bom) that I currently watch . Go check this one out here
It's a sweeet song, if you listen to it attentively~~
It's mainly about Hayley's parents, splitting up when she was like, 5.
And then, she started to lose her faith in love, I guess.
She's dated with some other guys, but, hell, those guys don't match with her at all,
But, still, there's a guy who always stands by her,
and perhaps the guy is the only exception~~
Oh and oh, you gotta watch this one!
PARAMORE changed lil' bit their genre to sumthin beautiful and sweet..
FYI, the cute cards were all from PARAMORE's fans on valentine's day.
hey, whatcha waiting for??


Whoa. They make such a cute couple if they really does.
And again, you have so got to watch this one --> Jemi
It's not about the couple or love towards human or something, instead, it's about love towards our earth.
You can see nothing but beach, ocean, Demi and Joe playin' around and of course, WAVE.
If you'd love to see they together, you gotta watch this MV,
Perhaps this one is sorta SEND IT ON 'sequel'... LOL..