Workshop? Huh.

Well, no biggie bout this.
But, I'm just going to be pretty busy.
and too bad, I volunteered to involve in that one.
Wokey, but how come I did agree to learn to do this


So, I made a research and I guess I'm going to 'teach' the kids a.k.a. the juniors to make this one.
Somehow, including boys and girls (would boys will to do this stuff)
I'm holding da responsibility for this.
I mean, I've to conduct for the art and craft section on the workshop.
Oh, damn.
To be honest, I don't even know how to make this!
(BTW, whoever you are, peeking on my blog, please, don't think I'm hopeless)
But, still, I'll learn on how to make this so that the plan would work out just well~

I'm just feeling kinda proud of myself for making a flier with Fana,
And the flier was sorta da bomb (for a first time making it)
well, almost 30 juniors signed up after us handing that fliers.
We were like, whoa.
Never thought that the kids would interested in that workshop.
Guess what, there's only 2 classes gave respond!
What about the other 10?
Who knows, huh?

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