I'm getting way much STRONGER

Well, perhaps you might be thinking that up until now,
Why I keep writing in English?
I'm not skema, geek or nerd, but this is my way to express myself, LOL.
I'm just being me.

I dunno why, I suddenly realize that all of my experience makes me stronger.
I'm not afraid of failure.
I'm not terrified of rejection.
I'm not trauma with challenges.
For instance, I'm still not having any TRUE BFF till now.
I mean, I'm not sticking to any girl whom I can trust.
I befriend with the girls that I know and regard them as da best friends, and not foreva, LOL.
My relationship with each girl is kinda different.
Let's say, with Demi*, I share my problems.
Hayley* often comes to me when she faces problems.
Avie* meets me with excitement to tell her good news.
(* means, not da real names, LOL)
I understand they got BFFs, so I won't interrupt them.
No biggie.
I'm independent, LOL. Try me, I can even spend a day at school just by myself without friends beside me.
But still, friends cheer my days.
They tend to make me happy and sad simultaneously.
I loooove my girls friends!

BTW, last nite,
Me, my family had a seafood dinner, LOL.
And then, we went to da nite market~~~
Lots of various kinds of stuff there, babe!
Even though, my sis said,
"It's kinda 'itchy' to wear nite-market-brand clothes..."
(she said with such an annoying voice to me)
But, who cares? I dun care bout brand, all I care is bout the quality and how it looks.
The cheap one could appear to be an expensive one! Trust me!
So, I bought this cheap clothes,
It's sorta 'unexpensive', looks good with me and I love it!
It resembles YUNA!

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TalkingKeyboard said...

really portrays Yuna's characteristic