Time Machine

So far, nobody can invest any time machine. But, I know one thing. Even though we can't be a TIME TRAVELER, there's technically a medium which is a bit same like a time machine.

MUSIC, it is. Right?

Every song has it's own meaning to us. So am I. I carry music everywhere, so most events that I go through in my life has its own soundtrack.

I laugh with music. I cry with music. My current playlist in my Sony Ericsson phone and my 'old' playlist is in my Sony mp3 (I guess I just love SONY). That mp3.., I could no longer update it because I could not install the software again (to transfer the songs). So yeah, If I wanna hear gOLD songs, I listen thru mp3. I guess that's cool. Yeah, I'm sooo last year, because I do not own any ipod. uhm.

I listen to any kinds of music. Well, let's say, from Adele to Paramore. R&B, Ballad, Pop Punk, Kpop and all that. Can you believe if I'm saying that I love Demi Lovato's music and MUSE as well? So, yeah, I love varieties. AND I LISTEN TO THEM EVERY DAY. YEAP. EVERY DAY.

So, let's start with...

We are broken - PARAMORE
It reminds me to....., well something really personal. I hate to just even to remember, but, when I hear this song, that 'thing' pops in my mind and I cry. T_T

I remember of being under stress at school last year. I just became stressed out because I could not catch up the lesson (huhu, loser). So, I listen to this song and I can't resist those losers tears.

Anis and I went a bit crazy over this song by dancing (with hand gestures) in the bus. Then, I start to remember the whole journey of our trips with all Drama members. It was SWEET. And I still remember how she instantly comes to liking towards one of the boys there. hahahaha.

I guess that's it. Why would I share the entire of my playlist, anyway?

p/s: So, which song makes you laugh and cry?

Say you what.

It's HOLIDAY, babe! It's just simply perfect. After facing tough exam, I get to enjoy this holiday. At first, I was super duper excited, but now, come to think of it, I got no idea much on how am I gonna spend this holiday.

Okay, I lied.

I have too many things to do other than YouTubeing, listening to Music, watching movies and all that.

The thing is, I have to create da Magazine. Remember Mag Inc? Okay. I'm into it. Plus, we're gonna make a VIDEO. So, I'm probably going to stuck under stress, again. I want us to be the best, so I have to fight for it.

I have too much things in my mind. Maybe I should stop thinking.... for awhile.

My parents will head to VIETNAM this holiday. That would leave me, my little bro and sis. We all have to stay at our granny's house. I wonder how am I going to spend my time there. Like, seriously. Without internet. I'm not letting internet to control me, but yeah, it's gonna be pathetic without internet.

p/s: School is school. Perhaps I should stop telling you about school. It might sounds boring.

Happy Teacher's Day

The TEACHER'S DAY CELEBRATION was great yesterday, I mean like, seriously. We had a BBQ (and the whole students of my school had to rush to get those chicken, hot dogs and fish), hanging out under a shady tree, lol, with ALL of the students at school. I mean, WHOLE SCHOOL. So, it was really crowded. But, I enjoyed it. It was different. We never celebrate TEACHER'S DAY like that. Can you imagine, all students spread their mats (tikar) under few trees and hang out, eat, drink, talk, laugh like no one's watching.

I HEART ALL MY TEACHERS. Without them, I wouldn't be able to achieve good result in my previous exams (UPSR and PMR). Thank you. I love you. Please, don't get bored if I keep asking ridiculous questions.

It was cool. Really cool. This pics can tell. Haha.

In the middle of EXAM

I don't wanna talk about my PHYSICS paper. I couldn't tackle those super-duper-hard questions. migh FAIL, but I don't want to FAIL. Please. Please. Please.

4 Ibnu Majah, fighting! Yeah, me, in blue school uniform (no, not that guy, haha)

Bye. Tomorrow, I get ADD MATH to tackle. Uhm. Wish me luck!

Mamma knows best

It's MOTHER's day. But, we're celebrating PARENTS day, lol.
Happy PARENTS day! My mom and daddy are perfectly holding hands, lol.

I keep this simple and short. I love my mom.
I must confess she's not my best friend, but, she's the best mom.
Trust me, even my friends say that.
She lets me run FREE and choose that path that I want.
I can DANCE, PLAY MUSIC, and do all the things I like without any obstacles.
She never stops me.
I must admit that my success (I mean, the good result from exams that I obtain) is perfectly for HER and daddy, of course.
She cooks all my fave food and yeah, she's the BEST cook in this world, (even my friends say so)
Yeah, I'm bad at cooking, but so what? I got mom to cook great food for me. hoho.
Long live, mom. May ALLAH bless you.

How does it feel to lose?

No Worry, it's just a DRAMA. That's me, LADY LOVE and him, LORD ARTHUR.

So, I'm talking about that ENGLISH DRAMA thingy. I really enjoyed performing on the stage, but too bad, we're all lose. So, there's nothing much I could say. And there's no one to blame.

We're practicing over a month, but, it still doesn't really worth it. Either we're not good enough or not FUNNY enough. Do you get what I mean? The WINNER's drama was kinda good, I guess. They managed to show great sense of HUMOUR. The audiences LAUGHED and CHEERED because it was damn HILLARIOUS (Including me). So, yeah, the GIRL is damn good. She's da BEST ACTRESS. Fine.

Comes to think of it, I feel bad. The competition was held at MY SCHOOL and we got 1st runner up, and I was like, "WHAT?".

Okay. Damn. It felt super bad to lose. I feel like a LOSER. This is not my first time acting on the stage, but, I still lose. Whoa.

But, I regret NOTHING. Our team did our best. It was super great. At least the audiences responded to our acting, I guess. At least I didn't make any mistakes. At least I was ENJOYING myself and that was ALL THAT MATTERS.


And, I miss SMILING ALONE when watching them acting because they're all really GREAT.

p/s: Sorry, I got no more pics..,, apparently, I didn't bring the camera. ugh.