Mamma knows best

It's MOTHER's day. But, we're celebrating PARENTS day, lol.
Happy PARENTS day! My mom and daddy are perfectly holding hands, lol.

I keep this simple and short. I love my mom.
I must confess she's not my best friend, but, she's the best mom.
Trust me, even my friends say that.
She lets me run FREE and choose that path that I want.
I can DANCE, PLAY MUSIC, and do all the things I like without any obstacles.
She never stops me.
I must admit that my success (I mean, the good result from exams that I obtain) is perfectly for HER and daddy, of course.
She cooks all my fave food and yeah, she's the BEST cook in this world, (even my friends say so)
Yeah, I'm bad at cooking, but so what? I got mom to cook great food for me. hoho.
Long live, mom. May ALLAH bless you.

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