Happy Teacher's Day

The TEACHER'S DAY CELEBRATION was great yesterday, I mean like, seriously. We had a BBQ (and the whole students of my school had to rush to get those chicken, hot dogs and fish), hanging out under a shady tree, lol, with ALL of the students at school. I mean, WHOLE SCHOOL. So, it was really crowded. But, I enjoyed it. It was different. We never celebrate TEACHER'S DAY like that. Can you imagine, all students spread their mats (tikar) under few trees and hang out, eat, drink, talk, laugh like no one's watching.

I HEART ALL MY TEACHERS. Without them, I wouldn't be able to achieve good result in my previous exams (UPSR and PMR). Thank you. I love you. Please, don't get bored if I keep asking ridiculous questions.

It was cool. Really cool. This pics can tell. Haha.

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