Time Machine

So far, nobody can invest any time machine. But, I know one thing. Even though we can't be a TIME TRAVELER, there's technically a medium which is a bit same like a time machine.

MUSIC, it is. Right?

Every song has it's own meaning to us. So am I. I carry music everywhere, so most events that I go through in my life has its own soundtrack.

I laugh with music. I cry with music. My current playlist in my Sony Ericsson phone and my 'old' playlist is in my Sony mp3 (I guess I just love SONY). That mp3.., I could no longer update it because I could not install the software again (to transfer the songs). So yeah, If I wanna hear gOLD songs, I listen thru mp3. I guess that's cool. Yeah, I'm sooo last year, because I do not own any ipod. uhm.

I listen to any kinds of music. Well, let's say, from Adele to Paramore. R&B, Ballad, Pop Punk, Kpop and all that. Can you believe if I'm saying that I love Demi Lovato's music and MUSE as well? So, yeah, I love varieties. AND I LISTEN TO THEM EVERY DAY. YEAP. EVERY DAY.

So, let's start with...

We are broken - PARAMORE
It reminds me to....., well something really personal. I hate to just even to remember, but, when I hear this song, that 'thing' pops in my mind and I cry. T_T

I remember of being under stress at school last year. I just became stressed out because I could not catch up the lesson (huhu, loser). So, I listen to this song and I can't resist those losers tears.

Anis and I went a bit crazy over this song by dancing (with hand gestures) in the bus. Then, I start to remember the whole journey of our trips with all Drama members. It was SWEET. And I still remember how she instantly comes to liking towards one of the boys there. hahahaha.

I guess that's it. Why would I share the entire of my playlist, anyway?

p/s: So, which song makes you laugh and cry?

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