31 December 2010.

Beautiful, Smart and Talented

So, I guess those are my new year's resolution.

I wanna keep it simple. Everyone always wish for a better year every time new year comes including me. So, this time, I don't wanna make a list for my new year's resolution. That is so last year. In fact, my 2010's resolution didn't really work out. But, at least, my PMR result is really not bad. I mean, good. LOL.

I really don't mind if I'm beautiful like her..., lol. xD

BEAUTIFUL = Okay. I'm not speaking about beautiful faces or what. Do you know how meaningful the word BEAUTIFUL is? It's not all about your looks. So, for this year, 2011, I wanna be beautiful both in the inside and outside. I'll try to appear to be a better girl in most aspect. =)

SMART = Yes. I'm talking about studying. I'll reach 16 this February, so, I don't want to take all this thing easily. I want to be smart, positive and optimistic. Yeah, yeah, I know it's not easy. This time, I wanna be smart or you can call it 'master' at least in ONE subject. It could be English, Math or whatever. I should keep my focus, right now.

TALENTED = I believe two things. First, EVERYBODY possesses TALENT. Second, everyone can 'create' talent. Trust me, you can 'create' talent. It's starting from LEARNING. So, that's what I'm gonna 'create' this year. I'll try. InsyaAllah.

Calm down, people. I know I'm aiming too high. No worry, I'm not just aiming, I'll try hard to achieve it. Please don't give a damn if I still could not achieve my new year's resolution. Please. I'm not a loser. And I'm not a dreamer. And I'm not the type who only knows how to speak. I know how loud action speaks compared to words.

And I hope that I could keep my faith, believe and be able to accept anything that would happen in future. I really really wish that I would not lost my faith to Allah.

p/s: happy new year. But, I feel happier to celebrate Maal Hijrah.

2010. No. I don't wanna look back.

Let's open a new book, heh?

Yeah. It's 29 December 2010. Less than 3 days, 2011 will show up. There's nothing much to say.

2010 had given me a chance to embrace Music, a lot. I had no idea why, but, 2010 is a year of MUSIC, for me. And, not to mention, the DANCING thingie. Thank you.

wow. Drama team, heh?

I don't wanna update my blog with my recent trip with the Drama team. Why? Because I don't want to. The trip was interesting, anyway. I watched a theater, met some celebrities and faced the fact that I could not enjoy myself at the water park at Bukit Merah for a reason. Can you believe that on that day when I supposed to enjoy myself at the water park, and then, for a HUGE reason, I couldn't. So, I watched the other girls walked away to enjoy themselves swimming, and all that.

Hello YouTube. I heart You.

And right now, I'm currently practicing singing. I told ya, 2010 is year of Music. Micky, my YouTube friend suggested for us (Me, Micky, Julia and Lulu) to make a cover of 2NE1's Go Away. I suggested us to sing cover for 2NE1's I Don't Care. And she mentioned that she'd love to sing cover for 4Minute's HUH. Wow. 3 Covers, huh? Whoa. Cool.

Well, I still could hardly believe that I managed to be a part of them. In fact, I am the leader because I'm the oldest. To be honest, it was started with a joke. I never thought Julia would take it seriously. And then, I agreed. No joke, now, it's for real. And I don't want anyone to take that away from me. I feel good to be the only Malaysian girl among them. Yeah. I wanna be selfish, this time. Don't mess up with my German friends. ;p

So, my new year's resolution...... I'll reveal on 31 December 2010.

Can u see how much the Dino loves me?


I am speechless. I wanna SMILE all the time. I did it again. I mean, WE did it again. Can you believe, when I was like, 12, in UPSR, all students in my class got 5A! Yeap. I really meant ALL.

And this year, I'm 15. It's PMR. And again, ALL students in my class got 8A. yeah. Straight A's, babe. I feel like wanna scream out loud. WE DID IT, GUYS!

And all my effort is really worth it.
And I'm really grateful.
I love everybody, today.

dancing shoes.

Okay. I don't care if you're telling me this is not a dancing shoes. who cares? this is a pair of shoes or you can call it sneakers. Any sneakers will do for dancing, ain't they? okay. Take a look. I don't even care if I buy the same one as you. It's not like I'm gonna wear it if we happen to meet. This one is for DANCING, got it?? But, what if I wanna put this on when I travel to KL? I think it won't do any harm.

It's PUMA MAGIC TOP L. (Aish. I just love the name...)

I could accept the fact that the design at da 'front' of da sneakers is a little bit 'ODD'. You see? It looks like another shoes you wear to school. Aish. In fact, this sneakers look perfect bcuz of the pink+black colours. That's my fave, lol. And I REALLY really adore the name. It's MAGIC, lol!

Perhaps, tomorrow, I'm gonna record a vid of me dancing CLAP YOUR HANDS by 2NE1,,,.. wait. only chorus part, lah. I'm doing that one bcuz somebody from youtube request me to dance to that song and only then she's gonna subscribe me, lol. XD..,, There is even a girl who requested me to dance to SNSD's RUN DEVIL RUN. You know what? NO WAY. SNSD is....,,. yuck. haha. (I still love their music, though)

And the day after tomorrow, I'm gonna record a vid of me dancing to B2ST's BEAUTIFUL. I'm done practicing with that one! It's damn easy. But, CUTENESS OVERLOAD and I'm not cute. I'm sorry if I will ruin that choreography. In fact, I could dance freestyle to that song, lol. And I always love to dance on my way.

Right now, I am like.....

It would be sweet if this cute guy is mine...,, :p

Bye for now...,,,