dancing shoes.

Okay. I don't care if you're telling me this is not a dancing shoes. who cares? this is a pair of shoes or you can call it sneakers. Any sneakers will do for dancing, ain't they? okay. Take a look. I don't even care if I buy the same one as you. It's not like I'm gonna wear it if we happen to meet. This one is for DANCING, got it?? But, what if I wanna put this on when I travel to KL? I think it won't do any harm.

It's PUMA MAGIC TOP L. (Aish. I just love the name...)

I could accept the fact that the design at da 'front' of da sneakers is a little bit 'ODD'. You see? It looks like another shoes you wear to school. Aish. In fact, this sneakers look perfect bcuz of the pink+black colours. That's my fave, lol. And I REALLY really adore the name. It's MAGIC, lol!

Perhaps, tomorrow, I'm gonna record a vid of me dancing CLAP YOUR HANDS by 2NE1,,,.. wait. only chorus part, lah. I'm doing that one bcuz somebody from youtube request me to dance to that song and only then she's gonna subscribe me, lol. XD..,, There is even a girl who requested me to dance to SNSD's RUN DEVIL RUN. You know what? NO WAY. SNSD is....,,. yuck. haha. (I still love their music, though)

And the day after tomorrow, I'm gonna record a vid of me dancing to B2ST's BEAUTIFUL. I'm done practicing with that one! It's damn easy. But, CUTENESS OVERLOAD and I'm not cute. I'm sorry if I will ruin that choreography. In fact, I could dance freestyle to that song, lol. And I always love to dance on my way.

Right now, I am like.....

It would be sweet if this cute guy is mine...,, :p

Bye for now...,,,

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Taengoo Yeon said...

so this is the shoe you mentioned before