This Little Girl

Let's be honest. There is a monster in my closet. I've been wiping my tears over it for quite some times. Yeah. I'm a crybaby. I'm sensitive. I even cry over something achingly-mean words that someone uttered to me for, like, 6 years ago. I always manage to find this concrete reason to sob (in a bad way). They say, you can get addicted to certain kind of sadness. Ugh.

Somewhere, somehow, this little girl slightly make things better to me. She is a definition of cuteness overload (at least, to me). I just simply stare at her for no reasons just so she'll ask me why do I keep staring at her. I couldn't help laughing when she presented her dorky side. Pinching her puffy cheek somehow becoming a routine. 

And this little girl wouldn't stay 'little' forever. So, I'm going to capture her, and let her 'little girl' moment stay ..... forever with my finger-knitting accessory for her black, shiny hair. 

Even though some people consider her dark skin as a flaw, I deny it (secretly to myself) because I am naturally quite dark too and trust me, life wouldn't be FUN without colours. I mean, come on, I find the world would be intimidating and boring when ALL the walks of life are completely the same. Come on. Just appreciate God's creation, already. He knows what's BEST. Just because certain physical looks don't meet your expectation or taste, please, don't turn them into laughing stock. Everybody is BEAUTIFUL in different way.

I taught her how to finger-knitting and at first, of course, she was immersed and couldn't put it down. But now, she doesn't seem interested to continue the finger-knitting T_____T
Whoa. This little girl does not stick to one interest only, mehh.

And yeah. This little girl is my little sister which is only 10, this year. She just reached 10 for the past few days. Happy belated birthday, girl.

p/s: Good thing I write in English. So that she wouldn't fully understand what I write. Hehehehe. 

The Morning Walk

This morning. For the first time, I decided to walk to the beach (yes, walk) and jog (which means, mostly walking) along the beach ........ ALONE. It has been raining for days (I'm at Besut, Terengganu, so yeah), and today, it's quite sunny. I miss the sun. 

This is it. iPod Nano 7th generation. Some peeps think this design is ugly. First impression matters. I find it is exceptionally gorgeous and ..... cute. It looks like a mini iPhone. Enough said. Source : Google

Look, um, actually iPod Nano really helps me to start walking, jogging and yeah it motivates me. It is specified with this Nike application and .... MUSIC to keep me feel alive. I bought this iPod last year, in the middle of SPM, when I had TWO critical papers left (Chem and Bio). I didn't plan to buy it so soon, but I just ran into this iPod when I was wandering (and shopping) in KB Mall, and yeah, I already made a research before buying it (to ensure it occupies my need), and I actually planned to purchase it at KL, hehe. The adrenaline rushed through my veins and I just simply purchased it (with my parents money, of course). And it's worth it. That night, I transferred my songs into the iPod ... even though SPM was not even coming to an end. But then, I put aside my iPod, and kept my focus (:

SONY MP3 WALKMAN. Mine is the PINK one, for sure.  Source : Google

I still remember the SONY MP3 that I asked my dad to buy it for me because I got a good result for my UPSR. For 1GB, it costed RM299. But it was real GOOD. The BASS and all that. But I hate the fact that I had to install the software (which was hard, for me, at 12). And now, I have no idea where is that mp3 (ugh). Meanwhile iPod Nano costs RM529 for ...... 16GB! Installing iTunes is much easier, btw. And you can watch vids, place some memorable pics, Nike application (for Fitness) and all that. I even managed to transfer ALL of Demi Lovato's songs in her albums that I own for years. Without hesitation, I just greedily downloaded ALL of Bridgit Mendler's songs and transfer them into my iPod. Before this, I used to listen to music thru my phone, (can't live without music, but, can breathe without phone), and with only 2GB, it was such a torture to delete songs, just so I could add new songs. So, I am thankful for my parents for their understanding towards my inseparable addiction which is MUSIC. iPod Nano is simply perfect for me to run, jog and dance because it is so light compared to my phone or even iPod Touch. And I just LOVE it.

So, Here we go. A one-hour trip to the beach in the morning. Don't expect me to run 10km or something, I am only getting started. And yeah. I am the 'Kampung Girl', mehhhh. I was just enjoying the 'Kampung' serene view ~

It's 7.35 a.m. (I guess), the gate is locked. Left. Right. The coast is clear. Jump. Yeah. Jump. 

iPod Nano 7th Generation. PINK. Name: DEMONA72

Fitness, yeah.
The songs in my playlist (for this MORNING WALK):
Animal - SNSD
Hurricane - Bridgit Mendler
Wake Up - Anthony Neely
Lose Your Mind - BoA
Hurry Up And Save Me - Tiffany Giardina

Good Morning. Hello, SUN. Long time no see. I miss you (:

Can you spot the birds?

Way to go. Lalala ~

Assalamualaikum ya ahli kubur ~

Yeah. Finally. I can see the beach. It's calling me. Let's go.

Getting closer. And closer.


Faster and faster.
Step. Step. Step.


This is the result of those heavy rains, I guess. 

Hey, sunshine!

So. I took around 0.4 hours (24 minutes) to walk from my home to the beach.  2364 steps are equal of ALL steps that I did on previous days.

Or to be exact ..........

2333 steps (refer to steps for this morning) ? Wow. 


You better run. 
So yeah. I started running at 8.09 am and stopped at 8.28 am .... Gahhhh, I was lazy  and exhausted and breathless after  a 24-minute walk (alasan. ciss)

After inhaling and exhaling, I decided to walk to my home. Feeling thirsty. Feeling hungry. My legs were not walking anymore, they were being dragged, instead. And the journey was still long (at least, for me).

2465 steps (journey from the beach to my home). Cool.

Then I'm home. The end :D

Overall, my journey was 66 minutes, from walking to the beach, running along the beach and walking to my home. Fuhhh. Wait. Only 233 calories!! Oh no!! Come on. It was tiring, man.
p/s: This isn't enough. Running isn't enough to shred some pounds. I need some dancing, some weight lifting to burn those fats!