This Little Girl

Let's be honest. There is a monster in my closet. I've been wiping my tears over it for quite some times. Yeah. I'm a crybaby. I'm sensitive. I even cry over something achingly-mean words that someone uttered to me for, like, 6 years ago. I always manage to find this concrete reason to sob (in a bad way). They say, you can get addicted to certain kind of sadness. Ugh.

Somewhere, somehow, this little girl slightly make things better to me. She is a definition of cuteness overload (at least, to me). I just simply stare at her for no reasons just so she'll ask me why do I keep staring at her. I couldn't help laughing when she presented her dorky side. Pinching her puffy cheek somehow becoming a routine. 

And this little girl wouldn't stay 'little' forever. So, I'm going to capture her, and let her 'little girl' moment stay ..... forever with my finger-knitting accessory for her black, shiny hair. 

Even though some people consider her dark skin as a flaw, I deny it (secretly to myself) because I am naturally quite dark too and trust me, life wouldn't be FUN without colours. I mean, come on, I find the world would be intimidating and boring when ALL the walks of life are completely the same. Come on. Just appreciate God's creation, already. He knows what's BEST. Just because certain physical looks don't meet your expectation or taste, please, don't turn them into laughing stock. Everybody is BEAUTIFUL in different way.

I taught her how to finger-knitting and at first, of course, she was immersed and couldn't put it down. But now, she doesn't seem interested to continue the finger-knitting T_____T
Whoa. This little girl does not stick to one interest only, mehh.

And yeah. This little girl is my little sister which is only 10, this year. She just reached 10 for the past few days. Happy belated birthday, girl.

p/s: Good thing I write in English. So that she wouldn't fully understand what I write. Hehehehe. 

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