Album Review?

Warning: This entry contains .............. KPOP. Take it or leave it.

I wouldn't call this as album review. I'm doing this to show my LOVE towards 2YOON. Their album is really AWESOME and total EARGASM as a Kpop fan, like me :p

I've always been a fan of 4Minute. I've always love this group as a WHOLE. For instance, I'm liking D-Unit for their addictive, R&B music, SPICA for strong vocals, SNSD for their flawless, beauty, look, and BoA for her amazing dance skill. 

But 4Minute, I simply love their music, down-to-earth attitude, natural look (they claimed that none of them has had any plastic surgery), dancing skill and ............... they're pretty close with BEAST because they both under same management which is CUBE ENTERTAINMENT. So yeah. No matter what they say, I still love these girls. 

So when 2YOON (sub-unit of 4Minute which consists of gaYOON and jiYOON) debuted, I could not help but anticipate it! Both of them are the main vocals of 4Minute. I adore Gayoon's sweet sweet voice and Jiyoon's badass, cutesy voice (especially when she screams lol). FYI, SUB-UNIT is usually formed so that the sub-unit can produce music with something different than their group in terms of genre, theme and all that.

Kpop group and its sub-unit:
Girls Generation - TaeTiSeo
Sistar - Sistar19
Rainbow - Rainbow Pixie
Infinite - Infinite H
After School - Orange Caramel

When they came up with the COUNTRY theme ..... I was like ...... What? I'm not a fan of country music (except Tay Swift, of course). Somehow it was unique and completely different from other kpop groups. To be exact, their album's name is HARVEST MOON! Ahhhh.... it reminded me to my favourite game during my childhood. 

And this is the MOST stunning, beautiful, gorgeous album cover .... ever (at least, that's what I think). 

Gayoon and Jiyoon. Credit: Allkpop

The song 24/7 isn't bad, though. It consists of this distinct, country feel (the musical instruments and the setting for their MV) and the familiar sense of KPOP (the song). They show their CUTE side (which is different from 4Minute) through their outfits and choreography. I like this song, but I don't really LOVE it. I prefer 4Minute's Volume Up, though. 

WHY NOT - Listening to the intro, first thing that occurred to me was , "HARDCORE. WOW." and yeah, it sounds like it could possibly be an ANIME theme song, like, seriously. When Jiyoon hit, "Why Not", it sounds extremely exhilarating to the point that she unintentionally transfers goosebumps to me. 

Gayoon and Jiyoon. Credit: Google
NIGHTMARE - The title says it all. It's an emotional, ballad, hauntingly-beautiful song. Gayoon's sweet vocal, Jiyoon's rap ............. and the mysterious back-up girl (she sounds like SPICA's Boa, which is real GOOD). BTOB Ilhoon's rap completed this song. Enough said.

 쎄쎄쎄 (Se Se Se) - Firstly, I have no idea what Se Se Se even means.The intro reminds me to a song by G.Na - Drop It. But this song is really addictive. This is the kind of song that I'll never get tired of listening to. I love this genre (R&B, I guess) and the way Jiyoon says "I Love You" is so ...... alluring. Haha.

BLACK SWAN - I think Black Swan refers to their beauty, strong, intimidating attitude. Love the addictive BEAT. Jiyoon's rap at the beginning is awesome, as usual. When Gayoon's sing the chorus part, it's just simply idyllic and it becomes the climax to this song (to me) to the point that I hit repeat.
Especially this part "Raise your head, Black Swan. Now, smile, Black Swan".

Shoot. 4Minute should make songs, like this. Wait. NO. It doesn't suit 4Minute, though. Only 2YOON can pull it off. Now, I'm waiting for 4Minute's comeback. I admire how they constantly change (in a good way) in order to present 4Nia (4Minute's fan) something new, something BETTER. 

4Minute in Hanbok. So Beautiful! Credit: Google.

And this article from ALLKPOP causes me to let out an involuntary gasp of amazement! Woah.

2YOON has revealed that their secret to weight loss these days is practicing the choreography of their song, “24/7“!
Jiyoon shared, “You can call it a ‘diet dance’. We really lost a lot of weight. There are definitely noticeable results. Gayoon has seen crazy results.”
Gayoon then rolled up her sleeves and showed her ‘nano-wrists’ showing the effect she experienced with choreography practice. “If you dance ’24/7′ just two times, you start sweating a lot. That is why we said among ourselves that ‘Volume Up’s choreography was easy [compared to '24/7'].”
She continued, “We really sweat a lot. I want to start an aerobics center with Jiyoon and let people know about it. Compared to my promotional activities for ‘Volume Up’, I lost 8 kg (~17.6 lbs.). All of my pants are big right now. All of my outfits don’t fit. I have to get them resized. Even the smallest size clothing and pants, I have to tailor the sleeves and wear it.” However, to assure fans that may be worried, she commented, “There is nothing wrong with my health. You don’t have to worry.”
2YOON further stated, “Although there are fans who worry about our health, we are exercising and managing our diet so you don’t have to worry. We are very healthy.”

Gayoon. Credit: Google.

Okay. I gotta go. Gonna learn this dance routine. Gonna lose some weight (like Gayoon, lol). Bye, for now.

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