Hermione. I'm talking about HARRY POTTER and bla bla...,,
I'm not interested in Harry Potter or even Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and whoever it is.
I'm so damn not into MAGIC, witch, wizards and all that.
But, why the hell am I speaking about HARRY POTTER..?
Okay, okay, I'm reading da HARRY POTTER series again. my 3rd attempt. Last year, I tried to read Harry Potter series (da 1st, 2nd, and 3rd) in English, but failed.
I managed to read not more than half of each book. Then, I gave up. That's because I lacked of creativity and imagination.
I could barely imagine what the fish J.K. Rowling is writing about.
All the words in the books explained are the unreachable and unthinkable things.
I did not understand what was Harry doing with his broomstick,
And I couldn't draw the Hogwarts (wait, what's Hogwarts?) in my mind.
Okay, but, when I watched the movies, only then, I would be like, "ooohh, this is it,"
So, this year, I decided to borrow (from the library) the series once again, because I think, I'm older now (yeah, righty) and I guess my English must has been improved and I hope I'll be able to understand magic, this time.
So far, so good. =)
It's really worth it trying again.

Wait. No. Harry Potter is not hot, at all. I think Daniel Radcliffe is hotter. lol. XD

p/s: I'm so into R&B after listening to a song by SHINee, called LOVE PAIN. B2ST sings R&B song, too, it's JUST BEFORE SHOCK. And SHINee is da BEST singers! But, B2ST is da super duper BEST with blessed TALENT! =)

Top 3 Things That I Love And I Do Not Want To Let Go

I really had no idea what I wanna do now except practice dancing, then upload some vids of me dancing. My daily routine since da holidays start is like, waking up late, then grab my breakfast, log in FB, view my Ytube Channel hopping tht sumbody gonna sub me, browse through ALLKPOP and B2STRISING, Listening to music for hours. Oh yeah, it's already nite. So, I turn on my mom's laptop AGAIN and do da same routine. It's pretty boring, isn't it?

Yeah. Yeah. I know. I shoulda continue to write my incomplete novel. I should learn how to cook, but, with my ego, I dun want to. I should clean my messy room. I should learn again to strum guitar. I should study a lil' bit for next year. But, what if I DUN WANT TO? Can I juz enjoy my BORING MOMENT for a lil' while? I rather be this way~

Top 3 Things That I Love And I Do Not Want To Let Go (For Now)
(It's THINGS, so no big deal, ok?)


I'm officially a B2UTY few months ago. Too bad I didn't remember da date, lol. The thing is, I've been into kpop since last year, when I was 14, but I was not kpop fan. I kept myself updated with several kpop idols, like, SNSD, 2NE1, 4Minute, After School, Secret, bla bla bla..... And I had no idea bout BEAST.

But, I knew a thing bout BEAST, there was a song called BAD GIRL. And my few friends and I wanted us to dance BAD GIRL dance routine. I just went with da flow, but, I did not really like BEAST, though.

This year, I knew a song called SHOCK and I just downloaded that one. And I still was not a fan. Then, Fatin played a song called JUST BEFORE SHOCK during our practice for Talent Show. And I fell in love with da sounds of piano at da beginning of da beautiful song. So, I went to make a research about 'em. Watching their documentary, memorizing their full names, catching up their music vids and I'm a B2UTY.

5 reasons why I adore/love/like/fond them:
1. ALL of 'em really GOOD at singing LIVE. (I mean, really really good)

2. Their MUSIC is not suck at all. None of their songs disappointed me. All thanks to their composer, TIGER SHINSADONG and JUN HYUNG (B2ST)....,,

3. Superb dancing skills. ALL of 'em can dance really well. Their choreography are all awesome. All thanks to the choreographer, PREPIX HAW.

4. Each of 'em has great personality. Well, they are FUNNY and it's enjoying to watch when they are revealing their true colours. XD

5. They are naturally good-looking. Even without BB Cream or make up. (this is da last one, cuz I dun really care bout looks)

And I'm in this guy line compare to the other 5. It's HYUN SEUNG. He's 4D and DANCING MACHINE. He can DANCE. That's why I heart him.


Back then when I was 14, nobody knows how much I heart dancing. And now, seems like everything to turn ridiculously insane. Well, no worry, I realize that I could not really dance, but at least, I DANCE.

Last year, I still remembered my very first performance of me, dancing, with my classmates. It was really crazy, and FUN, for sure. Then, I knew that I had potential because my friend said when she watched our vid, I was da one who danced in different way. And when I watched that one, I must said that I was slightly DIFFERENT. haha. I danced in my own way, lol.

And this year, I dunno how did I get that courage to perform on da stage again. This time, with my other 5 friends, I did it again. I had no idea where did I get da nerve to do so. And that was really FUN. I missed da moments when we practiced together (got caught by few teachers...lol).

So, now, I'm trying to be part of amateurs dancers in YouTube. Okay, it's terribly hard because nobody seems to notice me... T_T... It's even harder to get subscribers. Feel like wanna cry.

Right now, I'm still practicing dancing cover because that's what I want. I don't want to dance so that I could post vids. Instead, I'm doing this to myself, this is my passion. The reason why I post da vids is to show da world that I'm dancing too and be a lil' part of 'em.


I would never let anybody steal my HOLIDAY this time. PMR's over, so I wanna do whatever I feel like wanna do. Please don't ruin it. I want to focus to my YouTube Channel and my dancing skills. I wanna discover my potential. I think there's no other time. This is da perfect time for me to do so.

I'm telling you here, it's holiday, and all that I wanna do is DANCE.

Next year, I know that I have to strive again.

I heart holiday.

La La Land. Eh. Langkawi lah.

I'm sorry because I took lotta time just to update bout my trip. This is seriously lame because I went to Langkawi on 4th Nov, but, here I am, looking at my Roxy Calender, it's 23th, lol. hahaha.

Fyi, there was a PREFECTS day out on that day. So, I was a little panic because I'm afraid I won't manage to get home in time. Can you imagine, those prefects and I went to KB around 8am and we were like, laughing, bowling, shopping, me buying BEAST CD, enjoying da food, wandering around Pengkalan Kubur and then get arrive at skool close to 7pm. Whoaaaa. Then at nite, near 8pm sumthin, my family and I had to head to SKKR for da trip to Langkawi. I felt like wanna faint, because I got tired of staying inside bus.

Credits to Anis.

Yeah. Finally, LOL. Aaah. My Seungie...lol

Yeah, here we go. The so-called trip. Overall, kinda boring lah. Still, I couldn't find my dancing shoes. Where are you?

Choc, lol. You can't find 'em at Besut, lol.

Toblerone, lah.

Yeah. Byk sgt bagasi kat sni, kn?

I've got nothing better to do lah, so, I snapped this one.

yeah. Flood~ It was pretty scary lah.

And I've bought this one!! Da bangle which kinda da same with Hyun Seung's, yeaah! XD
Look at da bottom, Hyun Seung also has this one, lah.

Seungie oppa and his super cute bangle. and his cuteness. :)

Bye for now. I'm currently learning BEAST's Beautiful dance routine because after I've seen da FULL vid, I fell in love. hahaha. Da choreo is super duper cute, but, too bad, I'm not cute. haha.

p/s: Plz go check my YouTube channel HERE, lol. I could hardly got subscribers and views. huhuhu. T_T... comments and subcribers are REALLY appreciated.


Honestly, I'm an EMO person. Haha. I love to scribble EMO poem when I caught myself bored at school. So, I think I should show you a little bit about my poems. Curious? Oh, please, if you're into EMO mood, like, LOVE, perhaps? Then, go read my 2nd POEM blog. Okay, I write A LOT about LOVE. haha.

People, click these words below, :))

p/s: I dance to BoA's eat you up. Checkidaut at my Ytube channel. LOL. I was just trying da audio so that I won't get blocked because of da song's copyright. Yeah, my BOISTEROUS DNA vid got blocked bcuz of da copyright.


Bowling? Heh?

Okay, Guess what?
Yeah, let da title speaks for me.
Hell yeah,
I'm sorry, but, I'm clueless when it comes to this.
So, here we go.
PMR's over, what's next?
My girls friends planned a short trip to K.T. for 37 form 3 students. Yeay! (even though I think K.T. got nothing)
It was kinda fun, though.

WEIRD SHOES. I'm serious. EVERYONE wore da same, identical shoes just to play this game.

Faezah, Najiah, Dyan and Me! We're in a group! Yeay!

Okay, I was really really nervous at that moment. Haha.

Argh. Ignore da YELLOW thingy. I'm da MAGICIAN one. LOL.

LOVE. Haha.

Remember this one? yeaah, it's our Astronaut's cake on his wedding. LOL. LOL.

I guess I could hardly see anybody. haha.

Well, that's it. I'm finally home after 3D2N at Langkawi. Soon, I'll update about my trip and also a lil' about da trip to KB for PREFECTS.