La La Land. Eh. Langkawi lah.

I'm sorry because I took lotta time just to update bout my trip. This is seriously lame because I went to Langkawi on 4th Nov, but, here I am, looking at my Roxy Calender, it's 23th, lol. hahaha.

Fyi, there was a PREFECTS day out on that day. So, I was a little panic because I'm afraid I won't manage to get home in time. Can you imagine, those prefects and I went to KB around 8am and we were like, laughing, bowling, shopping, me buying BEAST CD, enjoying da food, wandering around Pengkalan Kubur and then get arrive at skool close to 7pm. Whoaaaa. Then at nite, near 8pm sumthin, my family and I had to head to SKKR for da trip to Langkawi. I felt like wanna faint, because I got tired of staying inside bus.

Credits to Anis.

Yeah. Finally, LOL. Aaah. My

Yeah, here we go. The so-called trip. Overall, kinda boring lah. Still, I couldn't find my dancing shoes. Where are you?

Choc, lol. You can't find 'em at Besut, lol.

Toblerone, lah.

Yeah. Byk sgt bagasi kat sni, kn?

I've got nothing better to do lah, so, I snapped this one.

yeah. Flood~ It was pretty scary lah.

And I've bought this one!! Da bangle which kinda da same with Hyun Seung's, yeaah! XD
Look at da bottom, Hyun Seung also has this one, lah.

Seungie oppa and his super cute bangle. and his cuteness. :)

Bye for now. I'm currently learning BEAST's Beautiful dance routine because after I've seen da FULL vid, I fell in love. hahaha. Da choreo is super duper cute, but, too bad, I'm not cute. haha.

p/s: Plz go check my YouTube channel HERE, lol. I could hardly got subscribers and views. huhuhu. T_T... comments and subcribers are REALLY appreciated.

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