Bowling? Heh?

Okay, Guess what?
Yeah, let da title speaks for me.
Hell yeah,
I'm sorry, but, I'm clueless when it comes to this.
So, here we go.
PMR's over, what's next?
My girls friends planned a short trip to K.T. for 37 form 3 students. Yeay! (even though I think K.T. got nothing)
It was kinda fun, though.

WEIRD SHOES. I'm serious. EVERYONE wore da same, identical shoes just to play this game.

Faezah, Najiah, Dyan and Me! We're in a group! Yeay!

Okay, I was really really nervous at that moment. Haha.

Argh. Ignore da YELLOW thingy. I'm da MAGICIAN one. LOL.

LOVE. Haha.

Remember this one? yeaah, it's our Astronaut's cake on his wedding. LOL. LOL.

I guess I could hardly see anybody. haha.

Well, that's it. I'm finally home after 3D2N at Langkawi. Soon, I'll update about my trip and also a lil' about da trip to KB for PREFECTS.

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