Family Day, yeah.

It's been a long time I haven't celeb family day.
Yeah, da last time was when I was like, 11 and now I'm super fifteen.
My daddy and his co-workers organized this family day thingy.
According to my dad, RM20,000++ had been used for this family day.
Whoa. That's a lot, I guess.
So, that Thursday, I stayed at home again, waiting for my family to get home and we were off heading to AGRO RESORT.

1st day

Keep on coloring that pic, kiddo. Nah, you won already. Yeah, my lil' sis got 1st runner up!

Well, if you could recognize, there are my dad, my lil' sis and lil' bro in this pic. Yeah, getting ready for da game!

Okay, da view here is super duper great!

Believe it or not, this is a so-called 'island'. It is surrounded by the lake and we had to cross da red bridge just to step our feet, here!

2nd day (a.k.a. final day)

Enjoying da breakfast! Nah, this place is like 'restoran terapung' because we are surrounded by da lake, again.

Guess this kiddos really adore those fish. I'm serious, those fish are really really 'friendly'. I even get to touch da fish with my bare hands. Whoaa.

Da last game of da day. Ya know what kind of game is this, ain't you? Yeah, only people who are married could be part of this game. Too bad, my daddy and mommy didn't win.

Just so you know, I was forced by my daddy to play a game called 'RAKIT DARAT'. Only 3 teams were there. 2 teams were all consisting of boys and only 1 team were all girls. OMG. I felt like wanna die. Well, there was no way girls would win over boys. And, throughout da game, I felt all over da place for 2 times! God, that was seriously painful. Da 'thing' we used as rakit was really annoying. I had to put that 'long, green thing' between my legs as rakit with my other 3 girls. Can you imagine we had to run with that 'thing'? And then we all fell on da ground on our way. As I thought, we got da 3rd place. I meant, da LAST place. Okay boys, you guys rule!

Next game was BOLA BERACUN. This time, it was kinda fair because each team consisted both boys and girls. And da most irritating thing was that, they used 2 BALLS!! And I was da first one in my team who 'died'. huhu. It was FUN, though. Even though my team lost.

p/s: I really really hope that I could get into da dancing crew, sis, I wanna be one of them. Huhuhu. T_T

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