hey, I'm back.

PMR is so damn not over.
But, I have 3 days to have a break.
Yeah, KH and MATH will be there on Monday.
So, this is so damn not a 'MERDEKA' day.
Yet, I just wanna say that I'm pretty disappointed.
Well, I'm not even show my best during PMR.
I could not even get the right answer.
Time just never be enough.
Just breathe, it's over.
No matter what, I'm not a time traveler, so, I couldn't change it.

Okay, my latest, officially crush goes to,,
He's 22.
So damn tall with height of 176cm.
The similarity he has with me is,
we have da same type of blood, B.
He's superb at dancing.
His voice makes me melting.
His smile makes me daydreaming.
He was rejected from BIG BANG,
Then, now, he's a star with a group called B2ST a.k.a. BEAST.
Nahh.. he is killing me.

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