One word, PIZZA

Right now, I'm perfectly skipping school and staying alone at my haus. Hell yeah, PMR's over and that's make 'my school' is incredibly over too. Even in this week, I skipped school for 3 days. I rather stay home alone, staring my mom's laptop, breaking into dance, listening to Hyun Seung's voice in BEAST's songs, watch Hyun Seung dance, than being at school without nothing better to do.

But, that's not what I'm trying to tell you about. School is school. And I won't be there. I shoulda update this on last week because this moment occurred previous Thursday. Still remember da Magazine competition that my girls and I participated? Well, we're technically not winning da competition, but we managed to get an award called MERIT AWARDS. I'm really grateful for that because you had no idea how much efforts we had put to complete da magazine.

The Hot Issue, our very first magazine ever! (I chose our mag's name as THE HOT ISSUE is actually because I like 4minute's song called HOT ISSUE, :P)

Flip through da pages~

So, what's with pizza? Okay, we didn't get any medal for that so-called AWARD, instead, we got a Pizza Hut voucher which cost RM200. Whoa, that's kinda a lot for 4 persons. Then, our Madame Lin decided to take us to KB Mall to enjoy our pizza. Cool teacher, huh? So, here we go! (Err, pics are all not edited, so damn sorry)

Yea. Let's go, pizza can't wait.

Fana is 'checking-her-tudung-out' and Aiey is showing off her pizza voucher. LOL.

Looks like that's all I got. Check Aiey's blog if you wanna see da rest of da pics. I managed to buy my Seventeen Mag again this time. FYI, I found BEAST album, SHOCK OF THE NEW ERA. And it is da SPECIAL EDITION because da songs from their 1st mini album (BEAST IS THE B2ST) are included in da SHOCK album. I was like, oh God, 10 songs. I felt like wanna die because da album cost RM89.90. So not worth to buy it because all of their songs are in my phone. In fact, they already come out with 3rd mini album (5 songs again), MASTERMIND. End of this year, they will produce a FULL ALBUM for the first time. That's it, I wanna buy their FULL ALBUM not da MINI ones.

p/s: Fana, Pka, Aiey, let's keep our SECRET to grave. I love you guys to death. Saranghaeyo~


!ced Aisyah said...

The so-called secret...
Biar pecah di perut(supaya slim) jangan pecah di mulut(pop?)

dekhaamohd said...

wahhhh.. malu den...~~