I wanna do this, I wanna do that.

Despite how boring the atmosphere at school, I still insisted on going to school today. It's SUNDAY, people! All I did was hanging out in SEM room with my girls and then decided to wander around the school. Seriously, I had got nothing to do, so I was just wasting my time. I thought it's better if I stay at home.

At this very moment, I feel really really irritated. I mean, well, two dance routines that I wanted to dance were officially blacklisted so far. I'm not an easy type who will simply impress by watching the dance routine through youtube. So once I felt like, 'whoaa!' That equally means that I'm really amazed by da incredible dance routine.

The first one is LUCIFER. Okay, by listening to the title, you know it's a lil' bit illumination. Yeah, 'satanist'. Da song is not that great, but da choreography is really damn damn superb, I must say. Too bad, my friends say that the choreography is ACTUALLY sorta satanist, so it's really wrong to dance for it. Well, when I watched the vid again, hell yeah, it's kinda weird. There's somethin' suspicious about da dancing because the dancer kept showing several weird symbol by using their hands. Okay, lucifer, you're so out! T_T

The second dance routine is WHAT IT IS. I watched LOTTA vids in ytube which are the covers of da song of WHAT IT IS. But, the last vid that I watched was terribly caught my eyes. Too bad, when I asked him whether I can use his choreo. He simply says NO. His choreo means a lot to him, so, he won't simply let others use it. Huhu. Feels like wanna cry. Da choreo is super duper great. I'm not even trying to steal his choreo. In fact, I asked for his permission. Alright.

For our 2nd vid, we decide to dance for a medley by our fave KPOP group which are BEAST and TVXQ/DBSK. In fact, I'm so in love with BEAST and it would be great to dance to their hit song. So, no more SHINee. I edited the songs by combining those songs and thx God Anne says OKAY.

For our very 1st vid, I'll try to choreo the dance for WHAT IT IS all by myself tomorrow. I promise that I'll try hard for this. Even thought it won't turn out to be that good, at least, I give a try, right?

Moral of the story, don't stop from doing what you like just because of the little problem. Nothing would stop you if you really have passion into it. I really hope that YOU, yes, YOU, will never BOO us if we're not that good. Plus, we're finally on through YOUTUBE, just add us as friend HERE!

p/s: Our 1st video will be uploaded this week~


TalkingKeyboard said...

i hope it'll turn out well. did u create another e-mail? aniszuki????

Demona said...

I dun hav time for creating another email, babe. What's with Aniszuki?