Boisterous DNA, that's it. So, our vid had been uploaded in YouTube on Wednesday, the day we recorded the vid at my HAUS (speaking about how excited we were!).

Okay, I wanna reveal ya our complicated situations that we had to go through before uploading da vid on FB. (Waait, FB?? What about Ytube?)

1. We had to record our videos for several times because I made lotta mistakes (I seemed to forget da choreo even though I was da one who choreographed it).

2. Yeah. We're done recording! Wait. Anne's camera! When we transferred our vid into my computer, looked like da format wasn't fit with Window Movie Maker. Oh, God. We could not simply upload it on internet without trimming da vid and PERFECT AUDIO!

3. Anis then decided to seek CONVERTER through internet at her home. I agreed.

4. So, I waited at home. Anis texted me saying that the converters were mostly slow. Then, I decided to edit it through Windows Live Movie Maker (windows 7). And it works! I dun really know how to edit vid through this movie maker, but at least, it really does work.

5. Somehow, I dun understand what was da problem of da movie maker, but, when I tried to save my vid with perfect intro and ending, a problem suddenly occurred. damn. Guess what? I edited da vid again and again till my vid could be saved. Yea, I was doing da same thing. Finally, my vid managed to be saved, but, without our desirable intro and ending. ugh.

6. Now, it's almost 12am, but, I dun care. So, I uploaded da vid into YouTube. Yeay! When it was perfectly 100% uploaded, another problem occurred. My vid was blocked due to copyright problem. Yeah, our AUDIO. Da songs are so damn not our songs. Huhuh. Feel like wanna die. T_T

7. On da next day, I uploaded it on FB. Oh, God, finally~~~~ FB just doing great. haha. Huhu. :) *sigh of relief*

Oyeah. Please watch, here (but, you have to log in first, hey, it's on FB, people!). Yes, click here. hehe. :) ---->> INTRODUCING, BOISTEROUS DNA


It's Demona. Yeah, it's me.

Anne~ Anis.

Me. Looking blurr. Yeah, Anis is trying to find great background wif her camera.

I dunno why I did that. And again, I'm da model for Anis's experiment.

I was supposed to strum this guitar for da intro. But, you know lah. T_T

p/s: More videos coming soon~ Please do keep an eye! Hehe. Thx. :)

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Taengoo Yeon said...

hahaha muka kanak-kanak lagi masa ni ^_^