JFF a.k.a. Just For Fun

I went to skool,
I'm honestly not a good girl~
I kept talking bad bout my so-called friend,
She's just ya know.... taking my other friends and me for granted.
And I h8 that.
Owh hell, who loves that?
I love to gossip, but I h8 gossip cuz it's not genuinely true.
So, I luv to gossip bout da TRUE things,
No worry.
I don't sell gossips.
I'm just being a typical girl. haha.

Those are my secret weapons, LOL!

Wut the hell?

I bet there's nothin' wrong with being CUTE! So, this is my Fana.

So, this is me~ snapping pic while teacher is watchin' LOL. (wat kind of prefect I am?)

I feel perfectly me when I'm being such a Mean girl.
I'm sorry, girl, I'm not a perfect angel.

Hey, Mom! <3 ya!
Hepi Mother's day~
Oh, hell.
where's my pic with my beautiful mom?
Nope, I guess. Ugh.
Wokey, mom.
ya know I <3 ya!

Inspiration is everywhere

A few days ago, mANIS n Fana showed me a flier~
They wanted me to critic bout that flier.
I tried to be honest by saying it was a lil' complicated for too many words filled da paper.
But still, the flier was perfectly okay!
So, that was mANIS's flier!
The flier was mainly bout a photography...... (ugh. forgotten)
I guess I'm gonna take a part in it.
I must admit I've got no:
TALENT (chingching~)
PHOTOGRAPHY TECHNIQUES (adobe photoshop, heh?)
But still, you'll never know how much I appreciate those beautiful pics~
they're like... extraordinary...
All the credits go to PHOTOBUCKET, lOL.

There are lots more~
And I've got some inspiration to snap some pics!
And the themes are occasions in school and life in school.
So, I bet I'm choosing da second one~~
I took some pics today to get much much more inspiration for that. ( I dunno why I'm getting sooo excited)
But puh-leese, don't steal my pics and ideas.
I know I should at least edit those pics by putting my name, but, I dun wanna to... :p
Thx ... :D

This is da best scenery!

whoops, kinda imbalance. I know.

surprise coming soon! Those are just the views of my school..
I gotta find the 'MODELS' a.k.a. SUBJECT for my pics.
I'm seriously wanna win even though I know nothing bout photography~
Who cares, neway??
At least, my pics ain't that bad~
haha, LOLOL..

English Language Workshop - Part 1

Oh, well. well. Haha. Those days I had not really been waiting for did finally came.
Oh, freakin', freakin' hell... (kiddo, don't speak like me)
Wokey, on 27th and 28th April were da days of English Language Workshop.
So, on da 1st day, we invited Mr. Patrick, Imtiaz's ETA.
I was the one who took Mr. Patrick to the UPD Room as Fana left me alone with him.. (dammit)
And then, when we reached to UPD room, there was a lil confusion.
Later, Miss Vanessa and Miss Meghana came to join da bandwagon...
There were 3 ETA's with a bunch of kiddos~~~
Miss Vanessa taught the kiddos Spanish Language~~
Te Amo, Miss Vanessa..

Welcome Miss Vanessa, Miss Meghana and Mr. Patrick (from left).. Why they're laughing?? Who knows?

The kiddos were surely exciting for da workshop (whoops, I mean, for this camera)

Miss Vanessa taught the kiddos~~~ it's her programme, LOL

This is freakin' me (looking kinda weird and tired)~~~ and Mr. Patrick, LOL

Go check the pics out at my Facebook~~ Gooo...

p/s: coming soon, ELW part 2~~