Inspiration is everywhere

A few days ago, mANIS n Fana showed me a flier~
They wanted me to critic bout that flier.
I tried to be honest by saying it was a lil' complicated for too many words filled da paper.
But still, the flier was perfectly okay!
So, that was mANIS's flier!
The flier was mainly bout a photography...... (ugh. forgotten)
I guess I'm gonna take a part in it.
I must admit I've got no:
TALENT (chingching~)
PHOTOGRAPHY TECHNIQUES (adobe photoshop, heh?)
But still, you'll never know how much I appreciate those beautiful pics~
they're like... extraordinary...
All the credits go to PHOTOBUCKET, lOL.

There are lots more~
And I've got some inspiration to snap some pics!
And the themes are occasions in school and life in school.
So, I bet I'm choosing da second one~~
I took some pics today to get much much more inspiration for that. ( I dunno why I'm getting sooo excited)
But puh-leese, don't steal my pics and ideas.
I know I should at least edit those pics by putting my name, but, I dun wanna to... :p
Thx ... :D

This is da best scenery!

whoops, kinda imbalance. I know.

surprise coming soon! Those are just the views of my school..
I gotta find the 'MODELS' a.k.a. SUBJECT for my pics.
I'm seriously wanna win even though I know nothing bout photography~
Who cares, neway??
At least, my pics ain't that bad~
haha, LOLOL..