JFF a.k.a. Just For Fun

I went to skool,
I'm honestly not a good girl~
I kept talking bad bout my so-called friend,
She's just ya know.... taking my other friends and me for granted.
And I h8 that.
Owh hell, who loves that?
I love to gossip, but I h8 gossip cuz it's not genuinely true.
So, I luv to gossip bout da TRUE things,
No worry.
I don't sell gossips.
I'm just being a typical girl. haha.

Those are my secret weapons, LOL!

Wut the hell?

I bet there's nothin' wrong with being CUTE! So, this is my Fana.

So, this is me~ snapping pic while teacher is watchin' LOL. (wat kind of prefect I am?)

I feel perfectly me when I'm being such a Mean girl.
I'm sorry, girl, I'm not a perfect angel.

Hey, Mom! <3 ya!
Hepi Mother's day~
Oh, hell.
where's my pic with my beautiful mom?
Nope, I guess. Ugh.
Wokey, mom.
ya know I <3 ya!

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dekhaamohd said...

daaa... wut kind of prefect you're uhhh... huk3