Fine. It does really hurts.

I could hardly believe that those boys were trying to get on my nerve today.
Hell, they are just a spoiler of my sweet sweet holiday.
I mean, how does it feel to you if someone said,
"Kau dah x laku doh loni deh" (Sorry, I can't translate it into English. if you're from Kelantan/Terengganu. Thx God)
Fine, so I'm not 'laku' anymore after been rejecting by my so-called damn freak suck crush.
Maybe I was emo, but I h8 da way those boys insult me.
In fact, through da Facebook.
I would never simply trust any boys anymore.
They kept telling me lies on my FB wall to defense themselves.
Oh, hell. What do they take me for?
And apart of that, I'm seriously feelin' like wanna freak out when they went like,
"Prasan sungguh la kau nie, die bkn minat kat kau, die nak kacau kau je, die dah ada gewe,"
So that's it, a stupid, illogical, immature accusation.
Well, I never interested in that guy even since form 1. He's an insanely great playboy.
And I'm not that kinda girl, that would simply fall for a player.
It's obvious that I wasn't in his game.
But, how come they accused me just like that??
Babe, calm down. Breathee~~
Perhaps they just wanna pull my leg, making up a not-so-funny joke.
But to me, that was super insult.
And I'm not taking any of it.
Let's just say, end of a story.

So, I made some transformation again on my wardrobe.
Hell, yeah. Remember the previous entry?
Yeah, those posters, my wardrobe.
Do that rings a bell??
Okay. Okay. I'll show you.

Whoa.. It's all D Lovato and Paramore. No more articles. Plus, I place sum of my babyhood pics.

Yeah, chaow for now. Holiday almost comes to an end.. :(
I enjoy it as best as I can bcuz I know that on the next days after that, I have to strive for straight A's. PMR will get me soon. and I still haven't prepare anything.


TalkingKeyboard said...

X LAKU??!!!!!!!
Who said that? tell him to go 'f' himself cuz he's the freak. Who does he think he is? A greek god? pergh. He should really go 'f' himself.

Demona said...

hell yeah.
I did say f**k you on my FB status n those boys respond to it.
but, I deleted my status bcuz they're just annoying.
So serabut.

Mystery 5384 said...

Eee! Geramnya! Dia perasan yang dia smart sangat.
Smart go to hell lah...
Cheh! Saya memang sejak dulu lagi benci dia!