Please Don't Go

Sweet sweet Holiday,
please don't go,
I'll be missing ya like crazy,
Cause darling, Holiday,
You're the one who understands me,
You let me sleep as long as I want,
You gimme lotta time to watch movies,
Not to mention to online FB 3 times a day,
Oh, ILY, Holiday,
Stay, willy ya?

(sing this song with sad sorrow melody)

This is da last nite of my sweetie Holiday.
Gotta let go. I know I can't always live without studying.
Meaningless two weeks. What a waste! (bak kate principle)
Come school spirit come!
I really embrace the music lingers around me all this time,
I dunno why, but, thx u, Music,
you're the greatest friend,
Coaxing me when I'm terribly sad,
Raising up my spirit when I'm so damn happy,
Make me feel like falling in luv though I never were,
Letting me dancing freely with you,
Yeah, music is my drug. I can't survive a day without music.
And SCHOOL GYRLS (trio) songs are so damn ah-mazing!
You should listen 'something about him'...
Listen to 'please don't go' (Minzy & CL) too... LOL

Let's flashback, girl.

Yeah. Yeah. Got it. This kiddo is so damn 'shiny' !

Nah, cutie!


Owh. I was babysitting this cute baby and dun even get paid! Ugh. Where's ya mommy?

Err.. b-bye?
Hello. school is just going to start.

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