Photographs :D

(Yeah, PHOTOGRAPHS, by Rihanna ft Will.I.Am.)
Still remember da MAGAZINE COMPETITION that my friends and I took part?
Well, well. Not so well. It's SUCKingly makes my head sWELL.
Yeah. I was so damn excited in da 1st place, but ended messin' up.
Da mag wasn't OUTSTANDING like how I wanted it supposed to be.
But still, we had lotta FUN when snapping pics for da mag.
We're talkin' bout TREES.
I knew da topic is common. Nothin' xtraordinary bout tht.
But, that's my fave topic.
So sorry 4 being such a hypocrite. I'm not a TREE-WARRIOR.
Howeva, those green thingie makes my photos much more beautiful.
Plus, da SKY.
I adore EVERYTHING that GOD had created.
They're like,,, BEAUTIFUL.
Nobody could create 'em xcept GOD.
I'm goin' to reveal those pics.
With a condition, KEEP MY SECRET.

Wokeyh. 4 pics are taken 4 da mag.

And then, behind OUR scenes~~~
Juz snappin' round and to my surprise,
the pics turn out 2 be some kinda nice.
And I did da editing lil' bit.

p/s: I'm freakin' exhausted. Dancing all da time. No biggie, somehow. I'm juz addicted.

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