Just before shock

People never understand us.
They will never get it why we're crazy over some celebrities.
They even seem annoy with our ways of obsessing in these cute guys.
They pulled up a face when we are screaming and going hysteria on getting those posters.
At last, they will perfectly shock once they are dragging themselves into our crazy stuff.
And they're just like us.
Just the same ones. Easy.

But, life ain't that easy.
Not all people love what we love to do.
They won't stop saying bad things till we stop doing our things.
They'll boo us if we get it wrong.
They'll yell at us, enforcing us to walk off of stage.

Fact, my stomach is completely full with butterflies.
My nerves are all tingling.
I have goosebumps all over me.
27th, July, 2010.
Talent Show.
25th, August, 2010.
PRA-PMR (percubaan PMR).
And I'm not that ready at all.
My dancing skills are all sucks.
My previous results are all sucks.
And I'm neither practicing nor studying right now.
I'm just daydreaming.
Daydreaming will someday ruin me. I know that.

Today, nothing much really happen.
It's just that, a good friend of mine, zahir, offered me a movie, ECLIPSE..
I couldn't no more hesitate.
He's da one who gave me ECLIPSE novel for my birthday.
And now what?
Offering me to watch that movie too?
Now that double, superb, awesome!
Thx, BFF.

Enjoy some pics of da dancing, romance movies that got me inspired!~


I really luv Andie, (da girl with red top) keep ya head on dat floor, babe!

She's rock! Hippie!

And I adore this couple. Andie and Chase!


From hip-hop to ballet, go Tyler Gage!

So damn freakin' sweet. Nora and Tyler.

Nah! Romance yet they got move!

On da whole, both movies, STEP UP AND STEP UP 2, seriously gave me inspired to dance.
It's not all about dancing. It made me realized that dancing is a little part of my life.
It feed my soul to let go all my fears and be myself.

p/s: step up 3D coming soon!

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TalkingKeyboard said...

I am so into Channing Tatum right now... damn he married that Jenna too early! arrghhh.. takpelah.