Don't stop believin'

I'm so damn busy right now.
I gotta work out for choreo.
Yeah, I get a so-called dance crew.
And I'm da leader, and this is serious, being a leader is not that easy,
My fren said, I can dance, and though I dun really think so, I still got da confident,

Now, I'll tell ya how DAYDREAMING can be reality.
When I was 13, I dun hav any MP3, but, my dad's phone had,
So, I 'stole' his phone and secretly dance with Hilary's song, WHAT DREAMS ARE MADE OF.
I danced and sang like no one's watching, I imagined that I was on da stage.
It's juz a typical girl's dream.
Few months later, I sang that song with my fren on TALENT SHOW.
I could hardly believe I finally did that!
Never thought my dream could be so damn true!

Last year, I didn't plan to involve in TALENT SHOW,
but, I often 'stole' my mom's phone.
Her phone had Demi lovato's song called THIS IS ME,
so I daydreamed again, singing duet with 'invisible JOE JONAS',
Thx God nobody was watching.
Know what???
I made it again!
My girls and I performed on da stage on TALENT SHOW,
We sang, we danced, I played guitar...
Guess which song???

This year, my girls and I planned to join TALENT SHOW,
Before this, having a dance crew was like my DREAM,
and now, this is about to come true,
I gotta work out to run da show!
There will be lotta surprise!!
Watch out!

I juz wanna say, don't juz dreaming, try to work and make ya dream comes true.
Hey, there's nothin' impossible lah!
This is freakin' serious, I don't lie bout da songs!
It's da same songs! LOL. LOL.

Thx babe for being a part of my dream. We'll rock da stage!

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TalkingKeyboard said...

thanks for being a part of my dream too!