Thx for da memories

Starting today, I'm gonna give my entry's title with song's title. aci x? And ya job is guessing which song is that. haha. No clue at all. Again. This entry is mainly about my CHILDHOOD MEMORIES. Yeah, I'm just like you, I had once been through a lil' girl life, having a BFF, playing lotta games with da boys. Well, I'm normal. I got da memories.
But, worst of all, I wasn't a good kiddo. In fact, I was pretty a bad girl. A bossy one. I kept pretending like I was da head girl, ordering my friends to do as I told 'em so. Too bad, they just followed my lead. But, no regret. I learned from my damn mistakes. I've grown up to be a 'better' girl in lotta ways.
Still remember about my childhood BFF's death? She died last year, after celebrating hari raya bcuz of a disease called thalassemia (if I'm not mistaken).. Yeah, I miss her a lot. She's like a PERFECT LITTLE ANGEL.
So, I went to my old house, wandering around my old haus and her haus (next to mine)... letting da childhood memories play in my mind. Seeing da old me, falling on da ground and crying, trying to ride bicycle 4 da 1st time but end up falling again....
FYI, I challenged myself to go there by bicycle. It's quite far, somehow, I managed to reach there within 20 minutes. Whoa. Ya know, don't try to act like you're a brave girl or sumthin' just like me bcuz... it's sorta dangerous. How does it feel to ride alone and suck boys with their motorcycle trying to say 'hi' at ya, da cars sound like wanna crash ya and the surrounding is kinda hot?? okay, what an experience, huh? So, here we go.

Me, my bicycle and da road. Home, I'm coming.

So, this is da TAMAN SEDC, KG RAJA. my home when I was baby till I reached 8. My BFF and I were usually roding our bicycles, swirling around and playing like da world was ours.

eh, my lil' sis was hangin' round while waiting 4 my dad settled his job at our old haus. Sumbody gonna stay there someday.

Aahhh..,, Da memories when there was me and ya.

Okeh. She's thirsty like she's da one who's riding da bike in such a hot wheather!!

da backyard. There was a snake on that time. And I was seriously shaking. ouuuhh, ssss...

Exclusive: I'm not a mamarazi, but I snapped a pic where my BFF's dad a.k.a. my skool principle was insanely busy doing his job wif his beautiful wife. Gotcha!

This is it. Nadhierah, once again, thx for da precious memories. You gave me a beautiful moments that I promised that I would always embrace. You're my best friend forever, no matter what. I wish you're resting in peace. Allah loves you more, anyway. I could sense that you're perfectly blessed. I love ya. Forever and always. Listen, babe. I live in this world with ya spirit. I sing with ya. I dance with ya. Al-Fatihah.

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