I'm Home~

Technically, I was away from home for 4 days!
And, hell, that was pretty tiring..
And I got nothing but new high-heels, Seventeen Mag (katy Perry is da cover girl) and not to mention, I got the swimming suit, finally. oH, so, I could swim in da swimming pools 'legally' laaa~ Instead of wearing those t-shirts. hey, I also bought HOW TO BE POPULAR by MEG CABOT at MPH~ I'm done reading that one just now.. What a great book!
Haha. LOL.
Hey, I dunno why I'm still breaking the rules that I create..
I mean, what the hell am I doing now???
I won't swear or promise either, instead, I'll TRY to resist the irresistible internet.. well, probably... next day... someday... huh.
Hey, Got ya some photos~
Hey. Sorry, forgot to tell ya that I went to Penang and KL... Haha. LOL

Geesh! The geeks in da pink!


We're stuck here! In da middle!!

It's my Besday (in case you don't remember)

Whoa. It's 7 February, it's Fara Fauzana's birthday, it's the hottie Ashton Kutcher's birthday. Not to mention, IT'S MY 15TH BIRTHDAY! <3

That was utterly sweeet!
oh, ya know that Bufday thing...
Oh, hell. Go check your calendar and then shoot yourself for forgetting my besday..
Hey, hold it right there!
I've forgotten your besday on last year, so, you're forgiven.
Hey, hey, I was just talking rubbish. Haha. LOL.
Okay. Lemme try to adjust myself into a normal person one.
My lovey dovey friends were being so damn sweet today.
Oh, you know, like,
"Hey girl, Happy birthday!"
Eh, technically, there's no such thing like that since I've lived for 15 years.
I mean, it's rare for some of my friends to accidentally wish me epi bufday every time I ran into them.
At least, almost all of my ex-classmates remember my besday (well. Instead of my classmates.. Haha. I'm being so mean)
But still, wishes are more meaningful compare to those presents..
But, hey, I love all of da presents since I don't really know how hard for you to seek those presents and buy them exclusively for me! Haha. :p
Hey, I got you some nice pics,

It's not my besday cakes, but, it's the cuties cake!

Nah! The cuties! Epi bufday!

Hey, IKLAN sekejap....

what do ya think???