I'm Home~

Technically, I was away from home for 4 days!
And, hell, that was pretty tiring..
And I got nothing but new high-heels, Seventeen Mag (katy Perry is da cover girl) and not to mention, I got the swimming suit, finally. oH, so, I could swim in da swimming pools 'legally' laaa~ Instead of wearing those t-shirts. hey, I also bought HOW TO BE POPULAR by MEG CABOT at MPH~ I'm done reading that one just now.. What a great book!
Haha. LOL.
Hey, I dunno why I'm still breaking the rules that I create..
I mean, what the hell am I doing now???
I won't swear or promise either, instead, I'll TRY to resist the irresistible internet.. well, probably... next day... someday... huh.
Hey, Got ya some photos~
Hey. Sorry, forgot to tell ya that I went to Penang and KL... Haha. LOL

Geesh! The geeks in da pink!


We're stuck here! In da middle!!

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