I don't wanna go to school

I wanna wake up in the morning at 6.15 a.m...
Pray and recite my love letter (Al-Qur'an),
After doing some kind of reading,
I wanna listen to the music while my body wanders around (jog laa),
So that all my stress are perfectly slipped away,
Then, I'm ought to FACEBOOKing, BLOGing
Later, I'll settle those undone homework~
At night, I'm going to study~~
But still, school will be just around da corner,
There are lots of reasons why I don't wanna be there for this moment,
I mean, I'm enjoying my life as a Allah's servant, daughter, sister, and friend.
I must confess I'm kinda depressed for now.
But, I won't let him ruins my lovey-dovey days.

I wrote a song (without melody yet) last night, Whoops. I mean, midnight.

Let me rip your heart out,
I want to be just your blood,
Let me be the cure to all your disease,
I want to be the poison that would drag you to death with me.

I want your soul to linger inside of me
But why you break my heart without thinking of me?

I should have known you're not that into me,
I'm just a girl with a demon mask,
You're full of desires but I'm not in that part,
Perhaps you can't accept that this love is yours.

Well, i'm kinda emo, right? No worry, this song doesn't even related to me, duh. Muse utterly influenced me to write this lyrics. Oh, ya know how their songs was like~~ UNDISCLOSED DESIRES
well, it's about a girl, who's desperately in love with a guy, perhaps she's not really beautiful enough to win his heart.


.Red Guitar. said...

hello there, again.

ha ha, i don't really know you, but i have been thinking lately "how you're doing there in malaysia?" hopefully, everything is just fine there, enshaAllah. ;)


nice lyric! quick, make it into a complete song! i wanna listen to it, (if only you mind to share it with me later). :P

oh yea, buat lagu best kan? *two thumbs up* it's kinda a unique way to express your feelings and everything. it made us feel MUCH better, kan kan? he he.


take care!

.Red Guitar.

Princess Demon Angel said...

hey, Miss Red Guitar~~

Oh, well, yeah. Everything's good here. But still, I'm kinda facing a lil' prob at school~
Oh, I know everything's gonna be okay. neway.
haha. LOL.
Da song?? I don't even figure the chords yet. Howeva, I'll finish dat song someday.
Hey, you're a great songwriter!
I read yours already~~
So damn much better compare to mine. LOL.