First Time

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Technically, it's not my first time speaking in front of people. But, today is my first time speaking and giving advice to the junior (form 3) for their PMR's exam in TMS's Jubilee Hall. It's like a speech. In a HALL. I have never done that before. Like, seriously. And I was nervous. But, my other 8 friends were there, and they were super nervous too, so, I was a little bit trying to calm down. And, so, the juniors were there, sitting on their seats, staring at us curiously.

It went pretty close to perfect as Jiah started as the MC, and then it was Fana's turn. Oh God, I had no idea why, but when she started to speak, I could finally feel relaxed because she seemed too GREAT. She's born to be a speaker, I must say. We were all sitting right in front of the juniors, waiting for our turns to speak, hoping that we would not disappoint them.

Then, it was Qu's turn. I was pretty amazed on how she spoke in 'Kelantan Malay' so fluently. She's a cool person.

Okay, then it's MY turn. I approached the microphone, and I said,

Me: Assalammua'laikum. Thanks to Najiah.

Me: For your information......

Form 3 kiddos: Arghh.... English... Uhmmm..... (making such boring faces)

(My mouth dropped. And I sighed. Oh God, why are they trying to make it so hard
to me?)

Me: Okay. I want to speak informally in both English and Bahasa Melayu. Is it okay with you guys?

(I ignored their response and then started to give advice, etc.)

Wait. I know this is not a big deal. I'm so sorry to those kiddos. I just so used in English. It's just that I could EXPRESS all the things that I meant only in ENGLISH. Hah. Please don't misjudge me for that 'kind' of girl. I am just being me. In fact, only 30% of my so-called speech in English and the rest is perfectly in Malay. No big deal, okay? I don't think it's wrong to be a little bit different from my other 8 friends who are technically speaking in Malay. Haha.

So, I was having a good time, speaking with those kids and getting good responses sometime when I asked few things. And I feel good when some of them nodded their head as I spoke, showing that they agreed. It was nice to have such experience.


DYAN - She's natural when it comes to speak. She's just doing FINE. ;)
ANIS - She's used to it. And she's full with confidence. I feel bad because she spoke entirely in Malay and she's actually much better than me in English. T_T
AISYAH - Haha. It was FUNNY when she revealed a secret on how to pretending as if you're reading the book even though you are actually SLEEPING in class.
SHEZAT - Trust me, her words are mostly MEANINGFUL.
AIN - I like the way she speaks. She managed to make the kids (and US) LAUGH. xD

Nine Boyfriends.

Yeah. So, I'm not single. Not in a relationship either. But, heaven yeah, I have nine boyfriends. Trust me, it's nine. It really is NINE. Well, I'm not speaking about nine-tailed fox, SNSD (yea, yea, 9 members), or what. I really have to fall in love with this nine boys. I just have to.

Whoops, I forgot to tell you that it's a LOVE CONTRACT, yo. For 2 whole years. There's nothing such happily forever after. After 2 years, I'll meet another boyfriend. lol.

Now, I want to introduce my NINE boyfriends, oh please, don't envy me. It does not worth it. Because.................. It's not just me. Every (technically, most) Malaysian girl who born in 1995 has this nine boyfriends too. Hehehe.

My NINE boyfriends are (Full Name):

Done. Yeah. My NINE boyfriends.

Got you!! lol. Uhm. I have to stick with them for this 2 years. I really don't have time for a REAL boyfriend. Even for a CRUSH. That's because I'm utterly crazy over HYUN SEUNG. So, I'm not interested to become a GIRLFRIEND or you can call it SPECIAL SOMEONE.

Uhm. Let's study. And get a headache. heaven yeah.

Okay, so far, the school is going a little crazy. Whoops, I didn't mean school, instead, I meant, my NINE so-called boyfriends. You know, ADD MATH is pretty hard. BIOLOGY requires me to possess a better memory, BAHASA MELAYU wants me to have a superb writing skill with wide vocabulary and ENGLISH forces me to think creative.

I'll try my best, okay. The upcoming EXAM is in this March. Good luck to all Malaysian who born in 1995. lol. I can't believe I'm already in form 4! Whoa.

4 Ibnu Majah, FIGHTING!

4 Ibnu Majah. =)

"Don't aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally" David Frost.

Wow. That's true. That's exactly what Teacher Sarah said on her first time entering my class. And my first day in my class, 4 Ibnu Majah. Yeap.
She said, "Do what you love, enjoy it, and everything will come naturally".... wow. heaven yeah. I believe in that one.

Plus, I remembered a scene when....

T. Sarah: Come on. Don't be so serious. What makes you guys so nervous?
Everbody: Learning new subjects, SPM, bla bla bla.... (randomly).
T. Sarah: What are you aiming for the upcoming SPM?
Najiah: 9A. =)
T. Sarah: And that's what makes you nervous? Don't aim 9A, in fact, just aim for 9E. As simple as that. No worry, at all. (LOL. xD)
Everybody: hahahahaha.

Okay. this might not sound that funny. but, if you're in that class, you will laugh-super-out-loud. Trust me.
She has that kind of sense of humour. Thanks God. It will lessen my anxiousness towards English. Yeah. As a matter of fact, she even said that this year, we're going to have FUN. yeah. FUN. I am super nervous, and she wants us to have FUN. yeah, righty. haha.

But, one thing. I'll still AIM HIGH no matter what she says.

I could hardly believe that I could speak up when I'm in the class. Yeah. I stand up and walk in front of the peeps (with Shezat) and of course, SPEAK. Last year, I could barely able to speak publicly with peeps in my class because, there will always somebody who'll speak instead of me. This time, I'll try to be brave to be an active student in my class, lol. I'll try. There will be nobody who would overshadow me. Trying to make me as if I'm invisible.

In my class, I have Shezat, Najiah, Aiey and Muaz from 3 Ibnu Amir (2010). Yeap. I have no idea how the teachers streaming us to the classes. It is RANDOM.
So, I'm currently in FOURTH class. No worry, I don't mind. In fact, I like it. It gives me such a pressure to stay in 3A (2010). And I'm serious. They're too smart, but, it's not like I'm stupid or what. I just can't keep up with the smarts peeps. I feel good, right now. =)

Uhm. yeah. Welcome, 2011.

Stole this one from Google. Credits to Keycifer. From her Tumblr. Peace. Nice editing.

Stole this one from b2st's fan in FB. Peace.

Happy Birthday, Yoseobie (B2ST). (5th, Jan).
"I guess you're 22, now, right? Keep dancing. Don't stop singing. Your angelic voice truly melted my heart. Your cuteness will always make us, B2UTY, smiling. Happy Birthday, STAR. Thanks for being a huge part of B2ST,"

Tagged, yo. ;)

Anis tagged me. And, I feel kinda happy because, at least, my name crossed in her mind, lol. Thx, Anis.
Since I've got nothing better to do. I'll do this tag thingie.

Okay, in BAHASA MELAYU. heh. Peace.

1) Apa Yang Anda Suka Buat Apabila BerFacebook-Ing ?
Uhm. Saya paling suke bab comment orang punye status. heh. I love to let out the witty (witty, ke? bajet arh) comments. And, walaupun certain org kononnye leceh and serabut dgn noti nye yg penuh dgn org laen 'like' die punye status, comments, sowhatever.., in fact, sy suke arh org yg rajin click like sy punye pernyataan. lol. Problemnye, FB nie boleh buat saya SS. yes. Syok Sendiri. :(

2) Bagi Anda, Berapa Pentingkah Internet ? (kasi dalam peratus)
99.99% . Dah Dettol suke sgt state mcm nie. So, I pun suke arh. Internet betul2 pnting. like, seriously. Internet is my escapism from my reality, lol.

3) Mana Lagi Penting, Kawan Sebenar Atau Kawan Kenalan di Internet ?
Jap. Nak fikir jap. Uhm. Kawan sebenar, arh. obviously. Kawan dlm internet bukannye kite jumpe dpan mata, pun (ye. aku tau sal video call), and kawan sebenar, tambah2 kwan satu kelas tuh, so, of course lah kawan sebenar lagi penting. Tapi, kawan dlm internet pun penting, bagi aku, kwn dlm internet tu, lah yg ajar aku improve my communication skill dan x susah nk jaga hati die.

4) Ceritakan Sedikit Sebanyak Tentang Kawan Baik Anda
Kawan baik? Honestly, kawan baik saya x rmai arh. Uhm. Saya mention girls je, aci? Okeh. Kawan I sejak I umur 8, and die mmg jiran umah aku, FANA, lah. Aku gelak dgn die. Mengadu-domba dgn die. Mengumpat dgn die. Nangis dgn die (pernah ke? ntah), bergaduh pun dgn die (masa kecik2 dlu). Anis pun boleh kata kawan baik arh. Sbb sggp duduk sebelah aku slama setahun and lyan kerenah aku yg boring and dance dgn aku. haha. Kwan sekelas aku tuh sumenye kwan aku yg baik. I said, SEMUA. Time kaseh. :)

5) Boleh Saya Jadi Kawan Anda ? Kalau Ya, Beritahu Sebabnya, (Lebih 20 Patah Perkataan)
Uhm. Kalau x boleh amacam? Saya malas arh nk bg tahu sbbnye. heh. peace.
Xde arh, boleh je. Kalau awk nie girl, saya ok je. (eh. eh. Saya bukan lesbo, oke?) Kalau awk nie boy, sy kna pikir dulu. Kna tnye ayah saya dulu. haha. Xde arh.
Uhm. Saya honestly xde prob kalau bab berkawan nie. Tpi, kalu smpai thp annoying, uhm. spe boleh than, kn?

I wanna TAG:


It's actually a song. Yeah. A song.

By 4 members from 4 Korean girls groups. (4Minute, Kara, Brown Eyed Girls and After School) and they called themselves as 4TOMORROW.

I watched the CF and I am INSPIRED.

You know, you should watch them if you feel doubt about your DREAM.

Gain's Challenge.

Seung Yeon's Dream.

Hyuna's Wisdom.

UEE's Passion.

Yeap. The 4 Girls. each of them have their own story. No worry, it's only a CF (Commercial Film). Go watch them thru YOUTUBE.

Actually, I'm talking about SCHOOL, tomorrow. And I'm pretty excited. Kinda excited. I hope it'll be great. Uhm. School. Hmm.