Nine Boyfriends.

Yeah. So, I'm not single. Not in a relationship either. But, heaven yeah, I have nine boyfriends. Trust me, it's nine. It really is NINE. Well, I'm not speaking about nine-tailed fox, SNSD (yea, yea, 9 members), or what. I really have to fall in love with this nine boys. I just have to.

Whoops, I forgot to tell you that it's a LOVE CONTRACT, yo. For 2 whole years. There's nothing such happily forever after. After 2 years, I'll meet another boyfriend. lol.

Now, I want to introduce my NINE boyfriends, oh please, don't envy me. It does not worth it. Because.................. It's not just me. Every (technically, most) Malaysian girl who born in 1995 has this nine boyfriends too. Hehehe.

My NINE boyfriends are (Full Name):

Done. Yeah. My NINE boyfriends.

Got you!! lol. Uhm. I have to stick with them for this 2 years. I really don't have time for a REAL boyfriend. Even for a CRUSH. That's because I'm utterly crazy over HYUN SEUNG. So, I'm not interested to become a GIRLFRIEND or you can call it SPECIAL SOMEONE.

Uhm. Let's study. And get a headache. heaven yeah.

Okay, so far, the school is going a little crazy. Whoops, I didn't mean school, instead, I meant, my NINE so-called boyfriends. You know, ADD MATH is pretty hard. BIOLOGY requires me to possess a better memory, BAHASA MELAYU wants me to have a superb writing skill with wide vocabulary and ENGLISH forces me to think creative.

I'll try my best, okay. The upcoming EXAM is in this March. Good luck to all Malaysian who born in 1995. lol. I can't believe I'm already in form 4! Whoa.

4 Ibnu Majah, FIGHTING!


TalkingKeyboard said...

u r old already!!!! haaaaa. wait a sec... me too =( tehee. i love this new life.

Sya Izz said...

haha, I lagi playgirl.. sebelas boyfriends :p good luck! :)

syieqa said...

yeah, me too, 11. sekarang pon dah sikit-sikit pening lalat..haha good luck!