4 Ibnu Majah. =)

"Don't aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally" David Frost.

Wow. That's true. That's exactly what Teacher Sarah said on her first time entering my class. And my first day in my class, 4 Ibnu Majah. Yeap.
She said, "Do what you love, enjoy it, and everything will come naturally".... wow. heaven yeah. I believe in that one.

Plus, I remembered a scene when....

T. Sarah: Come on. Don't be so serious. What makes you guys so nervous?
Everbody: Learning new subjects, SPM, bla bla bla.... (randomly).
T. Sarah: What are you aiming for the upcoming SPM?
Najiah: 9A. =)
T. Sarah: And that's what makes you nervous? Don't aim 9A, in fact, just aim for 9E. As simple as that. No worry, at all. (LOL. xD)
Everybody: hahahahaha.

Okay. this might not sound that funny. but, if you're in that class, you will laugh-super-out-loud. Trust me.
She has that kind of sense of humour. Thanks God. It will lessen my anxiousness towards English. Yeah. As a matter of fact, she even said that this year, we're going to have FUN. yeah. FUN. I am super nervous, and she wants us to have FUN. yeah, righty. haha.

But, one thing. I'll still AIM HIGH no matter what she says.

I could hardly believe that I could speak up when I'm in the class. Yeah. I stand up and walk in front of the peeps (with Shezat) and of course, SPEAK. Last year, I could barely able to speak publicly with peeps in my class because, there will always somebody who'll speak instead of me. This time, I'll try to be brave to be an active student in my class, lol. I'll try. There will be nobody who would overshadow me. Trying to make me as if I'm invisible.

In my class, I have Shezat, Najiah, Aiey and Muaz from 3 Ibnu Amir (2010). Yeap. I have no idea how the teachers streaming us to the classes. It is RANDOM.
So, I'm currently in FOURTH class. No worry, I don't mind. In fact, I like it. It gives me such a pressure to stay in 3A (2010). And I'm serious. They're too smart, but, it's not like I'm stupid or what. I just can't keep up with the smarts peeps. I feel good, right now. =)

Uhm. yeah. Welcome, 2011.

Stole this one from Google. Credits to Keycifer. From her Tumblr. Peace. Nice editing.

Stole this one from b2st's fan in FB. Peace.

Happy Birthday, Yoseobie (B2ST). (5th, Jan).
"I guess you're 22, now, right? Keep dancing. Don't stop singing. Your angelic voice truly melted my heart. Your cuteness will always make us, B2UTY, smiling. Happy Birthday, STAR. Thanks for being a huge part of B2ST,"


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Demona said...

Hey, well, Thx. =)
ur comment makes my day.

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