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Technically, it's not my first time speaking in front of people. But, today is my first time speaking and giving advice to the junior (form 3) for their PMR's exam in TMS's Jubilee Hall. It's like a speech. In a HALL. I have never done that before. Like, seriously. And I was nervous. But, my other 8 friends were there, and they were super nervous too, so, I was a little bit trying to calm down. And, so, the juniors were there, sitting on their seats, staring at us curiously.

It went pretty close to perfect as Jiah started as the MC, and then it was Fana's turn. Oh God, I had no idea why, but when she started to speak, I could finally feel relaxed because she seemed too GREAT. She's born to be a speaker, I must say. We were all sitting right in front of the juniors, waiting for our turns to speak, hoping that we would not disappoint them.

Then, it was Qu's turn. I was pretty amazed on how she spoke in 'Kelantan Malay' so fluently. She's a cool person.

Okay, then it's MY turn. I approached the microphone, and I said,

Me: Assalammua'laikum. Thanks to Najiah.

Me: For your information......

Form 3 kiddos: Arghh.... English... Uhmmm..... (making such boring faces)

(My mouth dropped. And I sighed. Oh God, why are they trying to make it so hard
to me?)

Me: Okay. I want to speak informally in both English and Bahasa Melayu. Is it okay with you guys?

(I ignored their response and then started to give advice, etc.)

Wait. I know this is not a big deal. I'm so sorry to those kiddos. I just so used in English. It's just that I could EXPRESS all the things that I meant only in ENGLISH. Hah. Please don't misjudge me for that 'kind' of girl. I am just being me. In fact, only 30% of my so-called speech in English and the rest is perfectly in Malay. No big deal, okay? I don't think it's wrong to be a little bit different from my other 8 friends who are technically speaking in Malay. Haha.

So, I was having a good time, speaking with those kids and getting good responses sometime when I asked few things. And I feel good when some of them nodded their head as I spoke, showing that they agreed. It was nice to have such experience.


DYAN - She's natural when it comes to speak. She's just doing FINE. ;)
ANIS - She's used to it. And she's full with confidence. I feel bad because she spoke entirely in Malay and she's actually much better than me in English. T_T
AISYAH - Haha. It was FUNNY when she revealed a secret on how to pretending as if you're reading the book even though you are actually SLEEPING in class.
SHEZAT - Trust me, her words are mostly MEANINGFUL.
AIN - I like the way she speaks. She managed to make the kids (and US) LAUGH. xD


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Fifiy-chan said...

i inspired you so much !! i understand how it feels like if i were u ..
if i spek english.. they'll so gave the same response too..

Demona said...

Thank you, Dear. <3