Hermione. I'm talking about HARRY POTTER and bla bla...,,
I'm not interested in Harry Potter or even Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and whoever it is.
I'm so damn not into MAGIC, witch, wizards and all that.
But, why the hell am I speaking about HARRY POTTER..?
Okay, okay, I'm reading da HARRY POTTER series again. my 3rd attempt. Last year, I tried to read Harry Potter series (da 1st, 2nd, and 3rd) in English, but failed.
I managed to read not more than half of each book. Then, I gave up. That's because I lacked of creativity and imagination.
I could barely imagine what the fish J.K. Rowling is writing about.
All the words in the books explained are the unreachable and unthinkable things.
I did not understand what was Harry doing with his broomstick,
And I couldn't draw the Hogwarts (wait, what's Hogwarts?) in my mind.
Okay, but, when I watched the movies, only then, I would be like, "ooohh, this is it,"
So, this year, I decided to borrow (from the library) the series once again, because I think, I'm older now (yeah, righty) and I guess my English must has been improved and I hope I'll be able to understand magic, this time.
So far, so good. =)
It's really worth it trying again.

Wait. No. Harry Potter is not hot, at all. I think Daniel Radcliffe is hotter. lol. XD

p/s: I'm so into R&B after listening to a song by SHINee, called LOVE PAIN. B2ST sings R&B song, too, it's JUST BEFORE SHOCK. And SHINee is da BEST singers! But, B2ST is da super duper BEST with blessed TALENT! =)

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Taengoo Yeon said...

hahaha how can you say that to Harry Potter novel series (partially mad haha) and why on earth I spending my night digging your blog LEWLS