#5 5 things that irritate you about the opposite sex/same sex.

5 things are a bit................ too much. I can explain 5 things about me which are irritating (and annoying), but um, when it comes to about other people, err, how do I say it? It's like addressing 5 negative things about others without realising that perhaps one (or more) of them would've been mine.

Let's call it 5 pet peeves, shall we? 

1. I can't deal with people who always think they're cool just because they're not going mainstream and tend to insult people who don't have the same interest as them. Come on, just because you love classical music, it doesn't mean you have to intentionally diss people who prefer pop music. Ugh. 

2. People who are always (I repeat, ALWAYS) late. In other words, people who can't be punctual. Like, "Meeting start pukul 3, eh? Kalau macam tu, Pukul 3 baru I keluar la, alahh, diorang bukannya on time pun". I can't stand someone who makes me wait, doesn't even bother to rush and apologize at the end of the day (for being late). Does it kill you to be on time? 

3. Badmouthing your friends. Obviously, if you don't mind exposing your friends' negativity, I believe you wouldn't even hesitate to tell other people mine. Oh right, I used to be like that, too, when I was young and immature and stupid. Please, grow up. Because you're 19, not 9.

4. Clingy. I'm just going to runaway from that kind of person. I'm sorry. I don't have that invisible glue just so we could stick together 24/7. Perhaps that's why I'm often be seen walking.................alone. Because I simply prefer that way.

5. Boys. Pffffffffft. They ARE my pet peeves.I don't know. I just find they're annoying. Or maybe I haven't found the right one. Or maybe my history with them still hurts my pride. I feel so awkward around them. And they're not nice. Listening to different perception from them is interesting, but no, lets not get into something too personal. I'm sorry if this sounds lame. 

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Taengoo Yeon said...

yayaya i think sometimes I did the no 2 thing LOL