Brand New Life

Pokok Pukul Lima.
My first update in USM since I've been here for two weeks already, right? FYI, my hostel (Desasiswa) is one of the three off-campus hostels so yeah, two rides of buses are required before I actually arrive at my classes. If certain events start before 7.30 am (like St. John's first meeting yesterday), I have to......... walk. It was a 25-minute walk, approximately. The orientation week was horrendous, but I survived. The first week of classes and lectures was okay, so far, I am very very punctual (as much as everybody is) and I hope I'm not going to screw up (because I don't like not being punctual and I don't trust people who are not punctual muahaha). The schedule is not very packed like my previous college. But still, it was quite tiring (but I'm not complaining). Tons of presentations are coming up. I'm currently reading books and articles regarding effective roles and strategies  of educators to produce excellent learners. Wow, I'm struggling to catch up and learn new things and now I have to learn how to ............. teach. It's new to me. But I'm anticipating it!

God I thought my not-so-challenging course (like what they say), TESOL enables me to participate in activities I love, but hold it right there, missy, I have to participate in 'Unit Beruniform' (compulsory for every educators-to-be). God I really have no idea. Not even the slightest bit. I always wanted to runaway from that but hey, hello there! Worst of all, I have to bloody spend 5 hours every Saturday (and 2 hours on Monday) for St. John's meeting. I'm not sorry that I'm not a fan of 'unit beruniform' haha. But the seniors looked like they have FUN to be a part of it. And I ACTUALLY kind of have a good, genuine feeling about it. I wish I'll someday come to naturally love being in this family (St. John's family). Let's be positive.

And yeah, I met few friends from different races which is great. The way they act. The way they talk. The way they dress. They exhibit more colours and flavours into my life. 

For those who keep telling me how the 'famous courses' (you name them) are so challenging and tough and hard to score whatsoever compared to my course, please STOP it. Stop mentioning how my life is going to be real smooth and easy because it's ..... NOT. Even though this course is my choice, the subject is my fave, I am struggling because failing in things I love (and my forte) is my least favourite thing. It hurts you know when you said that my course is easier than yours and my life is going to be at ease than yours (just because you're a doctor-to-be and I'm not). 

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