Drive Away

I still prefer cycling over driving :)

Wow. I can't believe it. This........definitely exceeds my expectation. It's NORMAL for most people but to me, it's quite impossible. Maybe Allah wants to show me that if I give my all, work my best and leave it to Him, anything is possible. Yes, it is. It IS possible. I'm sorry for being so overly dramatic. But hey, I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST. I repeat, it's a DRIVING TEST. If I flashback to my first and second day of taking driving classes last year, passing this test is quite impossible at that time. 

Impossible things do happen

Cycling to the driving class was a heavy, gloomy ride. In contrast, after the class was over, I blasted Michelle Branch's YOU SET ME FREE (If you know what I mean) while enjoying the temporary freedom. Even though my teacher was really really considerate and nice, I still cannot perceive that driving is ............. fun. Because it's totally not. Maybe it's because I'm afraid of making mistakes. I shouldn't be afraid of such things, right? 'cause that's how I supposed to learn. But still, you don't mess with other people's lives by driving recklessly or .................... lacking 'common sense-ly' (like me).

My Ayah has done lots of things for me. I'm thankful that my examination results always make him proud (I could see through his smile and good mood). And due to my lacking in some aspects, I'm deeply sorry, Ayah. I'm not a perfect daughter. But you still love me unconditionally. (Oh no, mata masuk habuk). You insisted me to continue taking driving license for my future undertakings. Even though I did not feel like it, I did it because I hate feeling guilty. And you always care. You made an effort searching for the best teacher for me, asking about my classes and spending time to teach me driving sometime. I don't want you to worry about me, so, I hide about my nervousness regarding the test so that you'll feel rest assured. To be honest, I was really nervous, and I couldn't stop thinking about the test the whole day before it happened. God, I didn't know the driving test was so intense and nerve-wracking compared to countless examinations throughout my life.

Alhamdulillah. I aced the test within first attempt. Thank you, Ayah, you show me that  I should learn to listen to others (Including YOU, obviously) rather than just take my thoughts into account. 

Each class was a torture (Because I'm doing things I don't like), but it's worth it. This means a lot to me. For some people, it's nothing. But for me, I've learned a lot. It was not just about driving a car, it was certainly more than that. Life's about a journey (in this case, a drive? I suppose), not the destination. 


author nad said...

congrats dear!!! at least you have the license. doesn't matter if u're not driving hahaha. i love driving though i still have a lot to improve. i don't have a car here but anytime i go out with my friends for a night drive, i wish it was me behind the steering wheel instead

Syahirah Ruslan said...

Yeap. Acquiring the license is good enough. Hehe. Awwwww it's alrite.. one day you will own a car and I'll be the one who sits in that car, wishing it is me who drives it insteas of you. Hahaha.