Fast In My Car

Certain things just don't fall into place, don't they? I broke down because things didn't go as planned. But then, I tried to convince myself that it's because things go as Allah's planned. Soothing, isn't it? Allah's plan. Allah's plan is ALWAYS better than ours. 

Source: Tumblr

These days, I attended driving class. So far, it has been only ............... 3 hours. I used to think I'm a bad driver (still do, actually). I have lack common sense during driving, too panic upon arriving a junction/traffic light (pfffffft), slow reflex action and ugh, all in all I'm not an excellent driver. I'm just too STIFF. Past experience (a year ago) with my previous teacher kind of affect me. I don't know, I just couldn't like him especially because his words were too ..... brutal and honest. I couldn't take it. I still remember those words (once you spit harsh words to me, it'll stuck in my brain forever, I warn you) up until now, and I take them as a challenge. Oh right, thank you, (former) teacher, even though I cried buckets of tears over your words, I know I deserved that. I just wish I would never stumble upon you again (because that would be awkward) during my driving class. Thank you.   

My best friend said, "my mom says, the cars are like wild horses," . Yeap. It's true. You gotta tame them and take control. I used to think I don't have this chemistry with the car, then I realise that it cannot read my mind. I have to show it what to do instead. I just need more practice, okay? You know the stereotype 'girl can't drive manual' thingy and the troll in FB (If your boyfriend cannot drive manual, then you got yourself a girlfriend, lol)? That kinda gets on my nerves a bit. Damn. It's a challenge. Haha. 

Source: Tumblr

I just discover I am a complicated person, the way I think, how I consider every little thing in my life kind of connected to my life journey (figured this one during my driving session) and how I get too sensitive over little things. My brother seems to think so, too. 

Bro: Why your way of thinking is so complicated?
Me: Because I'm a GIRL.
Bro: Oh right. 

Girls are complicated. The hypothesis is proven. 

p/s: Wish me luck in acquiring P license ><